PM-In-Waiting versus PM-In-Baiting

If it were not tragic, it would be funny
This tussle twixt Mr. Modi and Mr. Advani
One anointed the PM-in-waiting
The other a premier-in-baiting!

The elder, once a man who rode a juggernaut
Now his efforts reduced to nought
His Rath run over and his dreams torn asunder
The man from Gujarat stealing his thunder

Loh Purush, they called him, The Iron Man
Ironic is his stature, awry is his plan
Such is fate, cruel in its ways
Such twists come in the games it plays!

What’s this, then? Autumn of the Patriarch?
When his party sees spring in the air?
The party’s over, the party seems to tell him
The selfsame folks who once clung on to his whims!

Nothing in politics succeeds like success
And in elections they love demagogic excess
The Man from the West is a majestic rabble rouser
Believed to catch the rulers sans their trousers

So the ranks rally behind the Great White Hope
In the fond belief that he shall make stand the rope
His speeches enthrall, his slogans raise the ceiling
Sending in the cadres a victorious feeling!

But history (as Elliot wrote), has cunning passages
It does not necessarily move as one presages
The Autumn of 1990 saw a chariot roll strong
But the soothsayers got their forecasts wrong!

In the summer of Ninety-One — when ballots were counted
After loud and spirited campaigns were mounted
The picture that emerged was of a different shade
You can say nothing till the last ball is played!

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