Sensex is not sexy

It has the curves but it’s just not right
Moves like a roller-coaster, like day and night
The Sensex, I say, is way too erratic
It’s proportions, you see, are not quite erotic

When it surges it makes us feel ecstatic
But the damn thing never stays static
Bubbles burst when you least expect them to
And investors feel stranded — without a clue!

Experts talk, analysts yak, CEOs sound big
We’re none the wiser, while they all sound glib
The Sensex is like sex, its ways are unpredictable
It enchants the wicked and fools the gullible!

Its bulges are too big, too big for us to enjoy
They go all over the place. Boy oh boy!
Still its mystical allure draws us to its ways
If we buy it in dips, in its highs it pays!

When the bulls take over, everyone talks bull
Optimism surges, the cup seems to run full
Then it runneth over, and hits the bearish zone
The blue-chips they picked turn accident prone!

The folks who cheered the dizzy rise, hum and haw
Read red into the numbers where they once pink saw!
“Greed is good” they say, and justify their craving
But you gotta mind your money; it’s your hard-earned saving!

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