Neta, Babu and Ghulam

We now tell you a strangely strange story
In which politicos are not exactly covered in glory
And a bold little woman who stood up to them
Causing much consternation, and media mayhem!

In the state of UP, which runs like a kingdom
The netas are kings, and lord over fiefdoms
They build big statues, hold sprightly durbars
Their concession to modernity are their fast cars

“Off with his head,” they say in the badlands
reminding us of Alice in her Wonderland
Anyone who stands up, cannot go easy
The toughies stand stall, clean ones are queasy

And thus it so happened, when an officer lady
Decided to take on a sand mafia shady
The bosses and their men ordered her out
Telling her pen wasn’t mightier than their clout

But this, you see, is not their father’s republic
When news gets out, it angers the public
So it happened that the woman found support
As reporters on the field filed their reports

All she did was to bring down a wall
Illegally built, but defended by the tall
(Such strange tales are typical of the state,
where lawmakers and lawbreakers cohabitate)

The babus in question, brethren of her tribe
Sometimes upright, and some lured by bribes
Got together in a show of solidarity
Brought to the issue some social clarity

The netas in question, tut-tutted on the babus
Protested in denials, careful of the taboos
Until the news came of a masterly boast
Of a chieftain raising for his clout a toast!

Caught in a pincer, the netas are writhing
The lady’s plight uncertain at the time of writing
If the democracy is not to be a shameful sham
It’s time for a rising of the voting ghulams!

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