Electionomics Blues

The rupee has gone down, growth is down a tad
Blame it on the deficit, blame it on the CAD
But then blames won’t do, there’s a poll coming
The economy’s lost it – with very bad timing!

What can he do, our famously silent premier
Everything’s dearer. Oh dear, oh dear!
Interest rates are up, but so is the deficit
Inflation is not easing, and the rupee throws a fit!

The RBI’s cowboy has been tightening his noose
Hoping the monster will somehow blow its fuse
But before he could say “Cut your NPA”
The Rupee Bomb explodes on an unsuspecting UPA

Damn those Americans! Damn the wretched Fed
Squeezing the QE3 that felt like a featherbed
Now the Deficit Demon is raising his ugly head
Where the PM saw greenbacks, he now sees some red.

Then there’s the painful matter — of raising diesel prices
when the voters by their millions don’t like bad surprises
The opposition will scream, and allies will ditch
This isn’t cricket! There’s a bad bounce on this pitch!

And here come the rating boys, like Indian ma-in-laws
Waiting to blow the whistle, listing fiscal flaws
Poor Mr. PM, the silent bahu in this soap
Is seeking some miracle, looking for some hope!

To make matters worse, there’s a belligerent NaMo
What the Congress needs, is some very potent ammo
So off they go to the ballot, going for the kill
Betting their shaky farm on the Food Security Bill!

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