Puppy politics, and other tactics

While the world tweets, updates and blogs
Some think the nation has gone to the dogs
In a manner of speaking, of course, you see
That’s a way to say it’s bad as bad can be

But puppies, you see, are a different matter
They’ve now triggered some political chatter
When a riot is compared to a doggie’s offspring
It does to our minds some strange thoughts bring

Mr. Modi, he of national ambitions
Having spelt out his grand and lofty missions
compares a riot to a dog under wheels.
His critics bark, or like puppies, squeal

Wheel and squeal, now how does that feel?
With such vocabulary, how does one deal?
Metaphors and similes abound in politics
They fox us with tricks and oddball tactics

But this much can be said, of puppies and pets
Our politicians need some trip to the vets
Some zookeeper learning will do no harm
The nation, after all, is an animal farm!

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