Sultan of Surrogate

It should be a matter of true honour
When King Khan becomes a big donor
But then he is no small-time Vicky
Talking to him on this can be tricky

Sure you can scream on Coalgate
But not really on matters surrogate
You can go thus far and no further
On how KK turned a third-time father

He shoots off his mouth, but then sets terms
When you enquire the whereabouts of his sperms
You can ask on his stubble, or his famous stutter
Questions on his newborn? That heads for the gutter

He is no Angry Young Man, but can be curt
He’ll respond in a way that you’ll feel hurt
It’s none of our business to know of his kid
You can ask him on his next movie instead

There’s the small matter of the child’s gender
That throws his private posturing asunder
Did he check beforehand the kid’s chromosome?
Oh, that makes it illegal – and very cumbersome!

It’s politically incorrect to fret on X and Y
And if he did indeed try that on the sly
The Ladies’ Man may look a tad different
Will suffer the very ladies’ affront

Did he or did he not? We may yet never know
But there’s enough steam in this for a movie promo
While we wait to nail him – or for him to confess
The news is enough to promote Chennai Express!


3 Responses to “Sultan of Surrogate”
  1. masha says:

    Awww… The rains are awesome!!! I hate it when the sun comes out (Strong strain of Addams family here) and rejoice when the rain comes down really hard!! But then the nala outside my house overflows and I get surrounded by what I politely term sewage water and then it is not so awesome.. :( But seriously, the rains remind me of Bangalore and the awesome weather I experienced when in college, we’d go out and get drenched in the rain, the water being close to freezing.. Aaah!! The good old days, when getting drenched in the rain would not immediately result in a sinus infection..


    Kushal Reply:

    Yep, I knew this post would not get me a good reaction from rain-crazy Indians.

    Enjoy the rain, may your sinuses enjoy it too, Masha!


  2. abu ahmed says:

    S of S is great. Of late most of the movies are being promoted on the shoulder of their leading stars’ private lives. Almost all of the cine stars are doing so. Salman takes the cake though – he can fish out any number of court cases for the launch of a new project or upon the release of one. It seems he bribes certain people to keep those cases going for they are the best source of his publicity.


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