Salman Cannes?

He has hits after hits, in a manner of speaking
Looks so handsome, though it takes some tweaking
After all these years, he still says so young
Ready to charm all, and very Dabangg!

Of all the Khans of the Screen-Khan Clan
He is your real hundred-crore man
Holds Bollywood on his golden palm
(Not to be confused with the one from Cannes)

He loses his shirt, so the producers don’t lose theirs
Displays a torso with not much hair
He jokes so much and dances so well
Just the kind of star that sells like hell

But such are the laws of the land in this country
At some point show a sign that says: “No Entry”
Just when he was giving us so much fun
Comes back the case of his hit-and-run

This wonderful man who makes green bucks
Was once in the news for shooting black bucks
Then comes this instance of a driving mishap
Oh, the dark side of the Celebrity Trap!

To tell his truths, he now has a website
the decent way to put up a fight
to silence his critics and nosey paparazzi
with the fond hope the judges would be raazi!

The jail’s not quite his Bigg Boss house
Where he is the cat and the inmates mouse
He must prove himself clean, this towering Khan
To hold his fort and show his shaan!

We wish him well — this Being Human
Endearing heartthrob of many a woman
The Love he gets shouldn’t just be a movie
Wanted for him now: a Partner groovy!


No Responses to “Salman Cannes?”
  1. Ashok says:

    Each election produces a hero or a heroine. Today it is Akhilesh Yadav, yesterday it was Mamata Banerjee. After the counting of votes and the swearing in, the real work of governance starts, and that is where Didi is letting down the people of Bengal who gave her such a magnificent mandate.


  2. Mitra says:

    Mamata Banerjee = thoughtless/ mindless populism + inability to delegate + paranoia + little knowledge of governance and related issues and an inability/unwillingness to learn = chaos in West Bengal = no improvement on CPI-M. At least the Bengali people can now find jobs in Patna – given that Bihar has been doing well.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny now Sujatha is quoting twitterati’s displeasure with Mamata. When the twitterati overwhelmingly appreciate Modi, Sujatha and co. dismiss them with disdain. Selective memory?


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