Pak’s poll toll

In a land famous for powerful generals
It’s time now for political funerals
And rebirths perhaps, as rebirths are
When polling gives rise to new stars

It’s a milestone moment in a landmark poll
But alas, it’s taken a dramatic toll
Such is the state of Pakistan
Torn twixt Uncle Sam and the Taliban

A dramatic Mush, without his khakhi
Is no longer quite your fauji Paki
He flees the courts to play hide and seek
His style valiant but his wicket weak

A prosecutor killed in a brutal manner
While his eyes were on a murder scanner
A whodunit of political proportions
Murder in a murder case! Oh such distortions!

And then we have the Mighty Khan
Bowler of maidens, the wicked Imran
His pet tiger’s dead, his style turns empty
As he falls off a stage like Humpty Dumpty

Over now to the Prez, the one with a big moustache
Accused of taking Ten Per Cent in cash
His reign is shaky as voters get ready
It’s a wonder how for years he held so steady!

His offspring’s a mystery, famous for kisses
Of rumoured affairs and a political missus
Did he fight daddy with his Bhutto ways?
What’s his next? What will he face?

Yonder stands the roaring Sharif
All set to return as a mighty chief
But nothing’s certain in the Land of the Pure
It’s ways are so hazy, you can never be sure.

But congratulations are due Dear Pakistan
For finishing five years as a democratic clan
It’s the first time now, and hope not the last
It’s time now to drive tyrants to the past!


No Responses to “Pak’s poll toll”
  1. Vinay says:

    So why is it the author worried about…that NCP is poaching congress…or happy that congress found better ways of mudslinging…ncp may not have govt of its own…but this way one day they will….then all that will be left with congress is people like deshmukh and rane


    Anonymous Reply:

    Perhaps, she has got some of the facts off the target. In the recent municipal council elections, NCP has outperformed the Congress. We have to wait for the elections to the municipal corporations to make a reality check.


  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog is sponsored by Congress Party..Paid blog.


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