The Ponzi Republic

One group is in trouble over huge deposits
In comes another in the mess on lost chits
Poor savers languish in a web of fancy
In the land visited by the likes of Ponzi

The tycoons are rich, sport impeccable suits
Then they land in trouble with lawsuits
But the company they keep is more than business
They flaunt their links with pride and finesse

Politicos and journos, babes and babus;
they build their empire, break some taboos
Oh, they grow, grow and still more grow
With much cash to spend, much wealth to show

Suddenly one day, the heat comes on
The courts come in as the funds are gone
Law enforcers start a wild goose chase
And a hunt begins with not much of a trace

Money from the poor makes them rich
Until the law notices some major glitch
The spotlight turns to searchlight now
These men seem to escape somehow

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Ponzi Republic
Much mud is thrown here, but it doesn’t quite stick
The law takes its course, the heat ebbs slowly
And the nation forgets the plight of its lowly

Taxpayers come in, to aid some victims
Noises are made about situations grim
We see some rituals and political whim
But catching the Ponzis? The chance is slim!

You see, dear reader, they have friends in high places
with smart lawyers who hide their disgraces
And old tycoons fade, or simply rebound
To resume their parties in charmed backgrounds

A new man surfaces to rip off new fools
He makes the poor poorer with fancy new tools
The schemes change names, or their styles
Promises are made with hype and guile

As a new con is named with crores and crores
The leaders tut-tut, media screams hoarse
Nothing really changes, but for the tricks
It’s a soap opera, this Ponzi Republic!

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