Shoe, shoe-a weapon so true!

George Bush got one at him
Chidambaram got one too
Now it’s General Mush’s turn
Such is the glory of the shoe!

The shoe! The shoe! The shoe!
–a splendid thing in motion
No weapon of mass destruction
But just one to show an emotion

Ahmedinejad, Omar and Zardari
Kejriwal, Gilani, Rahul and Wen
Different folks they really are
–but all victims of Shoe Zen.

Desperate act for disparate leaders
It invokes smiles and frowns
Delights pranksters, inspires cartoons,
yet does not shake the crowns.

It’s not a bomb they find on you
When they check, scan or frisk
It does not make you a terrorist
–as weapons go it’s low risk

It sure beats a hunger strike
A sit-in, slogan or picket
So TV-friendly this thingie is
in the crowded media thicket!

Must wonder now about a certain Marcos
Whose ghost must answer a Q
His wife Imelda had so many at home
Was this some marriage glue?

Poor Mr. Murdoch, he got a pie
The shoe finally got a break
Ms. Deng who moved to shield her man
must tell us: was it a good bake?

Will cakes and pies replace the shoe
Like the Net did our ole letter?
Tastier now the protest may get
And the victims might just feel better!

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