Italian Job vs Indian Mob

Send them back! Send them back!
Oh! This simply is not fair
The marines must return
We must try them here, not there

They killed our fisher folk
Our poor boys were out at sea
And here they go these sailors
Back home, it seems scot-free!

We love Italy and Italians,
Their pasta and antipasti
But when they ditch our court’s orders
it all does turn nasty!

We know they’re good at fashion
Their Ferragamo and Versace
We love their ravioli
Their lasagna and their gnocchi

We love our pizzas (with paneer)
Arty films by and Fellini
But that is no excuse to hoodwink us
Did you hear that Signor Mancini?

We have had our Italian troubles
This escape is not quite new
We went hunting across the globe
Looking for a Mr. Q

They can’t escape to Rome
We’ll fume like the Vesuvius
Now their international laws
Seem so utterly dubious!

Oh, their slippery ways
We saw it in their Berlo
The guy who chased teeny babes
Said: “Jo karna hai tum karlo!”

By Caesar! By Romulus!
In the name of Machiavelli!
You won’t do this dear amico
If you know the ways of Dilli

Return them now! Return them!
While you still have some hope
Or we’ll set our Mob after you
And complain to the New Pope!

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