Cat vs Mouse In Furorliament House

The reasons may change, but the game will not
Be it the winter session or one in a summer hot
To adjourn is our MPs’ ultimate aim
and currently their principal claim to fame

It used to be a scandal, now it’s a bomb blast
Even this reason may not quite last
They’ll find another way to stop the House
where the ruling cat plays Opposition mouse

There’s noise, noise, and still more noise
Don’t look here now for parliamentary poise
This is not quite your Westminster hall
The policy here is to shout and stall

We gave a desi twist to the august institution
Added some masala to confound the confusion
Happy is the moment when the adjourners adjourn
With so much heat, you think they’d burn

Debates and humour are now rarely seen
(and usually displayed by a veteran has-been)
The game is now about venting the spleen
No one hears words, or finds out what they mean.

The Parliament we knew discussed some Bills
Showed some style to match political will
Now it exists to meet and adjourn
With little to hear, and much less to learn.

This is the age of the television debate
Where the thing encounters a whole new fate
Studio banter is learned discourse
With a Smart Alec anchor to steer the course

There’s a panel to match views in all respects
With a bunch that could be called the Usual Suspects
“Let me tell you! Let me tell you!” they frequently say
But your ears can’t take it when it’s been a long day!

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