Chopper deals, creaky wheels

We’ve heard this story Bofors
We’ve cried about this hoarse
But when all is said and done
The middleman has all the fun

Be it a gun, submarine or chopper
it’s the taxpayer who comes a cropper
as payoffs and commissions loom
behind the guns that are supposed to boom

Ah! To catch a thief is not easy
Delhi is not Washington DC
Defence, you see, is the holiest cow
Guarded by netas who’re holier-than-thou.

Bribes turn commissions that turn fees
It’s money, whatever you call it please
But the problem is that a change of name
In the courts alters the very game

You can’t jail the leader, whose hands are clean
His take goes to a henchman, himself half-seen
Then come some middleman, as middle as can be
And the trail turns so muddy, as far as you can see

You can vote them out, but jailing is tough
Even when people say, “Enough is enough”
You can take to the streets, raise the roof
But it’s tough to get that clinching proof!

Cry foul on Agusta, or a forgotten HDW
The umpire’s court won’t give them an LBW
Cover-ups will flow, as long as the Ganga
With so many layers, the taker won’t go nanga!

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