NaMo’s Gaga vs RaGa’s Raga

One is fair-cheeked, fresh as a soap bubble
The other sports a beard that looks like a stubble
The contrast is striking as India gears to polls
and the election bandwagon gets ready to roll

There’s little in common between these two gents
But both have chamchas whose services are lent
to cheers and jeers as the occasion demands
Or run other sundry chamchaesque errands

The man from Gujarat, ready to take on Delhi
Energises folks with fire in their bellies
Roars like a lion, speaks of computer mouse
As cheers grow, blows roofs off the house

The lad from Amethi (a youthful forty-something)
Tugs at hearts, speaks of family and things
Purrs like a cat, describes voter yearnings
Bares his emotions more than political learnings

Ah, but this is the land of the soap serial
Where mothers-in-law break auspicious nariyals
Mango people in their coconut moments
are bound to fall for this young icon’s laments.

But wait, there’s a flip side to this electoral story
This Rahul can’t steal all that political glory
The youth are upset over bribery and rapes
They chant on inflation and leaked-out tapes

In comes NaMo, promising the moon
Sings for India’s future, as followers swoon
Makes his party fall, one by one, in line
And the Lotus gets to bloom, rise and shine

Sadly, dear reader, India’s much too big
For a thundering typhoon or a plaintive note to rig
Elections happen in remote little places
Where these speeches may not leave their traces

© N.Madhavan, 2013

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