Republic of Banistan

Did he sneeze against a Dalit? Arrest him!
Oh, maybe it was an OBC or a Muslim,
Or perhaps, it was the majority Hindoo
Whatever the shade, we have your fundoo!

We are India, the Republic of Banistan
Where for every sentiment, there is a clan
to rail against A, or B or that wretched C
(And then we remember speech is free)

They’ll hound you for a movie, jail you for a tweet
A book of your thoughts can bring mobs to the street
A song that you sing or a Facebook update
May step on the toes of the Mighty State!

Everybody’s got a right, and a vote to boot
And angry crowds make the free-speaker scoot
Helped by netas an obsolete IPC
That helps them bully whoever they see

The Constitution lords, but its the cop that rules
(The leader at the sight of a ballot drools)
A film must be made with a sarkari plot
Or face the wrath of the political lot

You must see a judge to evade the police
And run a campaign to seek your release
Or pre-empt an arrest, with a fervent plea,
Or say you were misquoted. “Who? Me?”

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