Dente’s divine comedy

It’s unprecedented
And a tad demented
When a leader calls protesters
“Painted & dented”

“Totally unwarranted,”
the crowd ranted
bayed for his blood,
certainly not enchanted.

Now the gent’s sis scented
In the protests augmented
an outrage, and apologised
while the crowds chanted

The gent now relented,
his own reputation dented,
vacated his words
–as if it was a house rented

The son of the Prez must’ve vented
And his views represented
Just some stray thoughts
But were clearly un-Presidented.


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  1. URAY says:

    What a country, represents more than a billion population and still no gold medal. Tells you the state of INDIA. All these Indians call them the worlds third largest economy, but really their reality is bared naked in Olympics.


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