Delhi’s Underbelly

It’s a city of forts and celebrated history
But its reputation needs a new chemistry
No place this for young women
when men behave more like demons

Megapolis with a happening metro
Lutyens’ zones that spell sexy retro
Flowery roundabouts and flyovers galore–
all come to nought with cowardly gore!

It’s no town to be proud of at night
When bystanders watch a poor girl’s plight
Where VIP cars block the commoner’s ways
Where rapists and goons hold their sway

From the times of the Mahabharata’s battles
When a princess was gambled away like cattle
To the 21st Century version of the game:
it’s a City whose environs speak of shame

A place where men glare, yell in road rage
A modern city that seems like a cage
Needs some sense to chart a new tomorrow
To look beyond its scars and sorrows

Find your way, my city, you still can shine
Just mend your men, and you’ll be divine
There’s a majestic past running in your veins
Let not its glory drown in pain!

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