Pope Tweets Hope

The Vatican’s gotten cool
As cool as cool can be
It shows the times are changing
As far as we can see

The great soul of the Catholics
who’d wave from a balcony
Is now logged on to Twitter
To greet his family

Praise the Lord! Raise your hands!
Thank your heavens sweet!
Find a handle and see your timeline,
For the Pope’s about to tweet!

For a man who builds character
In long tomes to match the Bible
140 to write in brevity
May seem more than a trifle

But the young souls, good Christians
And all those who long for peace
Will await the wisdom in smaller lines
–on a digital device, if you please

Half-a-million followers already
And not one word out yet
We’ll track his tweets like his wave
We’ll wait with bated breath

Viva Papa! Welcome, dear Pope
We wish @pontifex well
If you do know God’s handle
We’d like to follow him – do tell!

© N. Madhavan, 2012

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