Pope Tweets Hope

The Vatican’s gotten cool
As cool as cool can be
It shows the times are changing
As far as we can see

The great soul of the Catholics
who’d wave from a balcony
Is now logged on to Twitter
To greet his family

Praise the Lord! Raise your hands!
Thank your heavens sweet!
Find a handle and see your timeline,
For the Pope’s about to tweet!

For a man who builds character
In long tomes to match the Bible
140 to write in brevity
May seem more than a trifle

But the young souls, good Christians
And all those who long for peace
Will await the wisdom in smaller lines
–on a digital device, if you please

Half-a-million followers already
And not one word out yet
We’ll track his tweets like his wave
We’ll wait with bated breath

Viva Papa! Welcome, dear Pope
We wish @pontifex well
If you do know God’s handle
We’d like to follow him – do tell!

© N. Madhavan, 2012


No Responses to “Pope Tweets Hope”
  1. Partha0307 says:

    Public protest against the high-handedness of uncaring political leadership,whether
    as in the Arab Spring or against the loot of the public exchequer by colluding
    politicians and business leaders as in Occupy Wall Street are now accepted as
    part of the language of protest.It would have been a big shame if Indians across
    barriers of caste or religion or profession had not spontaneously gathered in
    maidans and public squares to demonstrate their complete disgust at a system
    rotting with corruption on a scale much bigger than any in India’s history.Team
    Anna has provided Indians with the spark of freedom by their act of defiance of
    a Government that has lost of its Cabinet Ministers.They are the real winners
    of these polls for having focussed attention on the huge discrepancies in our
    accounting not only in 2G but also in the lack of enforceable laws which are
    necessary for free and fair elections.


  2. Anonymous says:

    “Somehow I fear or feel that Team Anna has shown unwarranted haste in taking a plunge into the political arena, even though their aim may have been to mobilise public opinion in favour of Jan Lokpal Bill.”

    To me it sounds like you are saying team Anna has done the wrong thing by taking PANGA with dictatorial Congress. I agree. Congress will go to any extent to protect its vote bank..It can tolerate anything but can not tolerate dent to vote bank. Anna may be lathicharged by congress soon.


  3. Vedgautam says:

    Congress is going to win Hissar bu hook or by crook. The crooks will manipulate the elections and declare V so that Anna learns a lesson. Congress is a party of crooks . They are using Sonia and rahul after Sonia. The Crook party is going to win.


    Guru Reply:

    Gautam Saheb, Sonia is using Congress or Congress is using Sonia? I think Sub Chor hain.


  4. Ishpalrana says:

    sunita ji, i think u r living in vitual world, u dont know about rural Haryana,people have dth/cable tv, internet,news paper etc in rural haryana. so voters of rural haryana are equally aware of Anna Ji,s movements& his Jan lokpal bill.


  5. Kusalovir says:

    Mr. Kejriwal appears to be a very ambitious person. He also appears to be a gambler and has put his bet on sympathy vote in favour of Mr. Kuldeep Vishnoi, who is expected by many to win the seat held by his father Bhajan Lal , who was holding Hisar seat when he died, necessitating the by-poll. This episode exposes him as a scheming person who feels free to throw the dice. But matters that may impact the future of a country, e.g., corruption in the Government and the Administration, should not be put at stake so recklessly.It may be that Mr. Kejriwal has made his calculations very carefully, but in case the Congress candidate wins the Hisar by-election to be held on 13-10-2011, what will be his stand on themuch touted Jan Lokpal Bill? And what will be the impact on the fight against corruption. Further, what he expects the ordinary citizens to infer from an unlikely victory of the Congress candidate? Should the inference then be that the Indians love corruption in public life and abhor Jan Lokpal Bill? It would be in the interest of the country if such childish steps are not taken in the name of furthering the fight against corruption.


  6. Kusalovir says:

    Mr. Kejriwal has gambled. He expects Mr. Kuldeep Vishnoi to win on sympathy vote : the by-election is being held to fill the seat his father late Bhajan Lal held when he died. What if Congress candidate scrapes through? Will Anna Hazare discontinue his fight against corruption ?


  7. SATWIEK says:



  8. Anonymous says:

    anna is a one man army who has already destroyed congress. upa allies realise they are in a sinking boat. sharad pawar, mamata may withdraw anytime. 99% people want lokpal and they are with anna


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