Gross Domestic Confusion

Interest rates are high
And the GDP grows slow
Inflation kisses sky
The economy is so-so

Food costs much more
Than it did a while ago
The BMW sells well
But not the teeny Nano

India’s not the same
A lot has changed now
Mumbai is not New York
And Sensex’s not the Dow

The slowdown is a puzzle
A veritable Rubik’s cube
The colours of a coalition
Is not quite a growth lube

Where do we find again
the formula for fizz?
Europe is so lame,
America’s losing biz

Japan isn’t jumping
China looks a rival
Whatever happened, oh dear
To the signs of our arrival?

The Wall Street fell sick
The whole world got the flu
Greece turned a ruin
And India felt so blue

The Arabs are smiling
They still got the oil
But their spring turned so hot
They too have to toil

It’s all connected now
Europe, America, Asia
FDI may give succour
But it’s no real panacea!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many times i have despaired at the plight of muslims who will remain STUNTED due to these CRYPTO JIHADIS , a TALIBAN WITHOUT THE LONG BEARD. Zia should have stayed in west bengal and frequented the coffee house in college street. RAYS OF BENGAL RENAISSANCE would have shone on him . Assam is no place to find enlightment , where zia hails from.
    Now let YOUNG BENGAL dismember all the reactionary argument that zia puts forth
    First let get the record straight .
    Prophet was an ORPHAN employed by his future wife who VERY POWERFUL AND WEALTHY. So it was more of a case of a TOY BOY.
    This was against the prevailing customs of ARABIA ie, MARRYING YOUR BEST FRIEND’S DAUGHTER(So much for respecting local custom as zia so vocally demands from the indian state).But Prophet conviniently invokes allah’s message .

    IN A SECULAR SOCIETY RELIGION PLAYS NO ROLE IN THE MAKING OF LAWS, Zia should move to SYLHET IN BANGLADESH from where his ancester slipped into ASSAM ,he can live like a saccha muslim.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Post Script: In jewish religion , they have their own divorce called GET,which is no talaq(jews are a tad sophisticated than muslims)
    Despite Jews being so powerful , JOHN BULL is no HINDU VEGETARIAN, thus no special divorce laws for jews. Though Jews have told me unless they get a GET from Rabbi , impossible to remarry within their community.
    Conversely even if they get a GET from rabbi ,they cannot remarry without a civil divorce OTHERWISE THEY WILL BE BOOKED FOR BIGAMY.
    Zia try lecturing English , THE LAND OF HOBBS whom you like to quote


    Anonymous Reply:


    A good fitting reply to the writer of this article.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Very good points, Dr Shan.

    People like Zia, instead of opposing these regressive developments, are wholeheartedly accepting these. aND THEN WE WHINE THAT WE ARE BACKWARD DUE TO GOVERNMENTAL POLICIES!


    meena Reply:

    It is irrelevant whether media made this an issue the fact remains that Muslim law allows underage is also irrelevant that most Muslims do not marry thedir daughters at 16..but this does not change the fact that the law permits and therefore they can if they want..dont defend the indefensible


    SAK Reply:



    Anonymous Reply:

    Murder and rape is punishable by death in ISLAMIC countries, despite that lot of rape and murder takes place in bangladesh and pakistan. So according to your WARPED BRAIN ,no point in making a law against rape and murder.
    Classical islamic response , brainless and TOTALLT BEREFT OF RATIONALITY


  2. DEVESH GUPTA says:

    The personal law followed by Hindus is not the one dictated by Pandits, but rather has been drafted by consitutional experts with its origin in HIndu Code BIll of 1956.
    The columnits ignores this fact and puts a spin on it as if to show that Hindus are like muslims in following age old laws.


  3. Rara says:

    This is an attempt at drawing a false moral equivalence with Hinduism. Hindus have for decades allowed many of their personal laws to be regulated by the Govt. Christianity has allowed it too. It is only Islam that remains doggedly resistant and wants medieval laws to guide its adherents. And it wants these laws to become norm in all countries and over other people too. Islamists are behaving not just like spoilt children but as vicious forces of disintegration.


  4. amit says:

    Such a stupid article. Why religion has to be part of the marriage laws? Make laws based on commonsense and rationale rather than religion and muslims laws need this sense the most.


  5. Sardar Vallhab Bahi Patel FAN says:

    Writer is fanatic mullah, just read his previous articles.


    pushpender Reply:

    Get the mentor’s name right at least.


  6. Abhishek says:

    What I don’t understand is why there should be a separate law in this country for anyone based on religion. The state does not identify religion, so why should it enact laws based on religion? Do US, UK which all have sizable populations of Muslims, have such personal laws? . In the wake of recent high court order, I would like to know, would the decision would have been same if the girl belonged to some other religion? where does the legal limit of 18 stands in this case? Is it only selectively applicable to certain sections of the society? To be very honest, I find these laws draconian, they drag down the secular nature of our Constitution. How can any law in it’s right mind justify what happened in the Shah Bano case? And talking about the reformist nature, do you consider the law reformist in nature which allows for triple talaq? Clergy will not allow the couple to reconcile even when the husband said that he uttered the words while he was intoxicated. What is needed today is a political will to act upon Art 44 of the Constitution and let this country be what it is,
    Secular!!!. In spirit and word, that will be the only saving grace.


  7. Maurya says:

    Mr Taliban- Please repeat this 5 times a day till your brain is clear of your religious view …” A child is a chile is a child— and a child CAN NOT BE MARRIED OF…whether under islamic law, hindu law or ugandan law!! IT is unethical, immoral and against all human values to marry of a child under 18……… Islamic personal law in India allow it. And that makes it a disgusting abnormal, inhuman practice. If you are defending it, s hame!


  8. Deep says:

    Why do minorities in a Hindu majority India expect special laws to be drafted for them? Which other democracy puts up with this dualism?


  9. Sinchan Mitra says:

    An elaborate attempt at a whitewash. I saw leaders of the Muslim community loudly (and proudly) defending child marriage on national television. No civilised country allows men or women to marry before 18 and in traditional societies like India with arranged marriages, this is a basic human rights issue. (Mostly parents want to marry off the girls without their having got an education or becoming an adult). Whenever you mention this, (most) Indian Muslims start saying “Hindus also have child marriages”. But Hindu law doesn’t (naturally) sanction them. Hindus also have murder – that doesn’t mean it should be permitted under the law! Child marriage is an important Indian social problem and all religious communities must fight it. HOW can the law sanction something which we are all meant to fight and eradicate (like dowry or female foeticide)?

    And if leaders of the Indian Muslim community are defending such retrograde social practices (and laws sanctioning them) in the name of Islam (as they did on television)- then why are they so angry when many critics say that Islam is not a religion suitable for the modern world or a modern democracy? Lots of countries have one set of laws for the entire population. So they are not multicultural? Almost all Western democracies have one set of laws applying to all citizens. I think Muslims would not so strenuously oppose uniform civil code if their own laws weren’t as socially backward and anti-women. It is a little sad to see educated, intelligent Muslim people defending medieval traditions and laws.


  10. Robert George says:

    Why this double standard? It’s not about law being private or common; it’s about its just and equal application. For instance, some religions in order to uphold their questionable tenets force women into subjugation by brutal repression. Either we call ourselves a democracy, with equal opportunities given to men and women, or stop deluding ourselves with such noble thoughts.


  11. SAK says:

    The pople does not know much about their own religion. It is a fact. Ask them how many Gods they pray, they will be confused to mention any one.
    They are very disturb with the ruling not because it will create a approved child marriage plan, but because why the judiciary (they think is for them only) has given a rule favouring even remotely related to Muslim laws.
    The problem is they do not know this problem is in whole india among Hindus. Go to Bihar, hindu female child is married at the age of 7-10 and sometime even before, same is the case with Rajasthan where it more evident. MP, UP and many other states follows the same.
    So before jumping to any biased conclusion, try to understand that it is not a favour to Mohamedian law by the judiciary. The problem is in the society without being biased accept it and it is more persistant in Hindu society.
    Please improve your knowledge before you jump to any conclusion.


    Deb Reply:

    Are you saying that if there is a problem with a section of the society, it justifies laws that promote such customs? what rubbish. The laws should be based on humanity, should be same for all citizens and should disregard religious books, draconian customs etc. If sati is glorified in a section of society and even in some medieval books, does not mean that we should oppose the law against sati. And finally, it is you who needs to rise above your parochial thinking of looking at everything in terms of your religion rather than from the perspective of humanity.


  12. rahul says:

    Why do news paper allow this radical cheap writer to publish his filth here in indian democracy who is clearly opposing democracy and want to eastablish radical, terrorist barbaric shriya here, shame on Hindustantimes and this anti national writer. this guy has no shame and no patriotism, such peoples shud be thrown into pak or afghanistan where they can do whatever they want to do in their caves, shame on editor of this news paper, this news paper shud be called musselman times dot com.


    Sinchan Mitra Reply:

    What has he written which shows he has no patriotism? Lets learn to debate without hurling personal invectives at each other.


  13. Vijay Kumar says:

    I think you need to expand your brain Mr Zia. Everything written in a book written 1400 years ago cannot be right.

    Is the earth round or flat?

    Is marriage at 15 desirable?

    Will the girl married at 15 complete, college, MBA, Phd?

    Why can’t you just say that the book might have been right in the context of the time but is wrong now, instead of weaving a romantic folktale of how fantastic the book is.


    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    Show me in Quran where it says earth is flat probably you are referring to same sentence from another book…. Where in Quran is Marriage age set ? Why Blame the book when you are too ignorant of it ….Read it before You jump to conclusion as your ill will comment may stop many from finding the true path….sorry if it hurts. And By the way Education is not all about MBA and PhD’s just peep in the co ed colleges and u see lot of bad things going if you are serious about education deliver them the relevant one which benefits human race and it is not just a bunch of some certificates which helps very few and who said married women do not study ?….by the way Education and its fields are not just what Macaulay has set so come out of British Slave mind and think beyond ….


    vijay ! Reply:

    If the marriage age is not set in Qoran, why are you wanting it to be 15?

    The sort of drivel of bad things in co-ed colleges is used to deny Muslim women access to them by Muslim men. If education is not about engineering, MBA, PhD etc– then why dont you start a campaign to stop everyone from doing these and request the Government of India from banning medical colleges.

    I think you are creating funny stroies to justify a very retrograde step.


    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    setting age for marriage can be a debated topic as you cannot set it uniform for all parts of world and for all times…for example in USA children get matured much earlier than there counter parts in india and if you fix them as 18 then they have to go out of the way(illegal)….Yes Education is not just MBA and phd it is about behaviour,humanity , prosperity etc which are not delivered by these so called degrees so Education syllabus should be re designed inculcating the missing things like morality,humanity etc which are more lacking in those so called learned men so you will see that a common villager will treat you in best way in village but a learned man will greet you with Beware of Dog sign

    vijay ! Reply:

    WHere is the debate. All the Muslims who came on TV and on public platform talk abotu the :gunaah’ thse girls will commit if they dont get married. SO why not marry the Muslim boys at 15 also. Will they not commit gunaah?

    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    Will they not commit gunaah? Yes they will commit gunaah after you show them openly sex operas,nude films and all that dirty and filthy programs and ask them not to do it….even a 10 year old if shown such programs will do at least dry things (as his sexual maturity is not capable to carry out those acts shown)…..age factors etc are not something which remain one and the same all time in all geographies and places it is largely dependent on atmosphere the food taken etc…for Example Arabs way of eating makes there young 15 year old as a young man where as a 15 year old who eats dal pappu in india looks like a 10 year old so my dear dont drag on with silly things if you want to debate come for topics like who is god…which divine book is the most right…etc

    Guest Reply:

    This man is obviously arabized as many of his ilk are. They are just too weak to resist the power of arabization.

    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    You are in gross ignorance….you are blaming arabs when right under your nose there are rapes specially in Rape Capital Delhi …I mean India’s capital….
    19,348 rapes were done in 2006 (2 rapes per minute)….. compare this with crime rate of Arabia…specially Saudi where a rapist is given harsh punishment and those who want to do the same crime think 1000 times before they want to commit it….in India if you do 10 rapes or 10 murders you get bail ….

    Anonymous Reply:

    The Saudi king’s son was arrested in Ldonon for trying to rape and molest a male servant and then finally killing him. Very pure in your eyes!!
    Had it been Riyadh, a conspiracy theory would have been cooked upt that a zionist was trying to attack the prince and the brave prince single handedly killed an armed attacker, barehanded !! And you would have bowed down in admiration!

  14. Abu Ahmed says:

    Whatever may be the dictates of the Shariah, educated Muslms, men & women, in the urban areas mostly go by the civil laws. As education spreads amongst Muslims in the rural areas, Shariah would go redundant gradually. More education of the masses is the only answer to make customs, traditions and laws such as Shariah obsolete. Its time consuming but better than imposing something against the collective will of an emotionally charged / poverty-stricken / slum-dwelling / police-harassed / societally oppressed and discriminated, ill-educated mass of Indians.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Abu the scope of education is over when women get married at 15. Why cant you just say that the world got married at 15 in the 18th centuery becasue of low life expectancy. Today ALL need to get marriied late 18,19. maybe 30– after education.
    Think of yourself as an enlightened Indian and not just one who is honor bound to follow the Sharia, which is outdated and cruel in the context of today.


    Abu Ahmed Reply:

    How many unlettered or less educated people really get married at 15 in India? There are more educated and enlightened unwed mothers in the UK Under-15. Rajasthani Ballika badhus or under-15 Muslim girls in pockets of rural India – their tribe is lessening in India and over a period, with more education and urbanisation, the law and the practice would get obsolete. Already the influence of Shariah is lessening – Maulvis have to cajole people to even pray in the mosques, let alone following the law. A system would remain relevant or irrelevant on its own merits, just leave it to the vagaries of time.


    vijay ! Reply:

    Abu partly right and partly wrong. The UK may have a lot of unwed mothers at 15, but India– especially Indian Muslims will have more WED mothers at 15.

    By yur logic,the state has no role to play in framing of enlightened laws and enforcing them. In case we start believing this then the next step would be an eye for an eye.

    I think Indian Muslims have to look at the world as human beings and not believe that what is written in a book is the only truth. .The UPA does not have the balls to interfere here. In the end, like it or not, only the NDA can rectify this.

    It is easy to create a self delusion that Muslims will be wise enough NOT to follow this. No. That wont happen. frankly– if 30 % were following this earlier… now 50% would do it.

    The girls– would have no voice to protest. No law to protect them. Well… and all Muslims will be honour bound now to place Sharia above liberal thought, progress and women’s rights.

  15. Deb says:

    No right thinking educated citizen – Hindu, Muslim or whatever religion he or she may belong to, would like the modern law to be based on religious scripts. What gave you the impression that Hindus do not want to give up their personal law? I and all my educated Hindu Friends want to have a law based on humanity and not a ‘personal’ law based on shastras, manu smriti or anything else. Do you think educated Hindus want laws that endorse the caste system, sati, dowry or any of the ills of the society? There may be some who are misguided by religious bigots but do you want to compare educated muslims with those misguided Hindus or with progressive Hindus? You certainly seem to belong to the first category – an educated but illiterate person.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Mr Zia
    You have goen terribly with this blog. Yes they are still HIndu girls being married at 15, but the system is breaking this habit. Hindus are welcomign this change.
    Somehow Muslims seem to be welcoming this stupid, retrograde, unfair step of underage marriages.
    Musims will now remain conedemned to have the lowest female literacy rate in the world. Of course you will not notice … or mind but call it discrimination


  17. Nilofer says:

    After reading the article and responses, I m really surprised by intolerance level of readers here. Let freedom of expression prevails and let writers have their say!!!


    Guest Reply:

    Sure. The write has already had his say by writing this article. Now the people are having their say. This is classical freedom of expression. Is this unislamic or something for you?


  18. Sumit Bose says:

    Another piece of putrid **** from this “ghatiya Taqqiya”. I wonder why bapuji disagreed with Ambedkar who insisted on total transfer of population along with the division of assets in 1947? We would have been spared of such nonsensical drivel festooned as an article.


  19. vijay ! says:


    India needs the best of ideas and laws on human rights and women’s rights.Unfortunately in the past few years– fake human right activists — who only recognize the rights of LeT and Maoists have tried to capture this stage.
    Similarly while Indian women need protection from dowry and unfair treatment, certain trolls have created and used these laws, especially the barbarian section 498 to implicate men.But now has come the acid test. Marriage of underage girls AND EVERYONE IS STRANGELY SILENT.let us remember our country that girls were getting married young and and in many states it still happens.

    Historically when the life expextancy was 35 in 1947, it was perhaps a logical thing to do.But today the national priorities are different

    .a) Population control, which a higher age marriage can achieve

    b) Education of girls… which can only happen in case they marry once they complete college .

    But… but… but… With the court giving precedence to what is written in a book over what is common sense, the equation has changed. The Muslim girl child will now be denied education, enlightenment, mixing with men ( which all girls I know love to do), seeing the world, the chance of a career. the chance of leading your won life… and so many things..

    .And the s called human rights brigade and the women’s rights brigade is silent!!!

    The UPA has no balls to rectify this. Who believes that Baby G, Sonia G, Digviansh G or Salman ji want to do anything on this. They would rather tell the muslims that we have killed the constitution for you and held the Sharia to be superior..

    .I cry for India today


  20. Anonymous says:

    Somebody asked about the proof of quoran saying EARTH IS FLAT
    Here you have it

    Sura Al-Kahf (18:47)

    And (remember) the Day We shall cause the mountains to pass
    away (like clouds of dust), and you will see the earth as a
    levelled plain, and we shall gather them all together so as to
    leave not one of them behind.

    Sura Taha (20:53)

    Who has made earth for you like a bed (spread out); and has
    opened roads (ways and paths etc.) for you therein; and has sent
    down water (rain) from the sky. And We have brought forth with it
    various kinds of vegetation.

    Sura Az-Zukhruf (43:10)

    Who has made for you the earth like a bed, and has made for you
    roads therein, in order that you may find your way.

    Sura Az-Zukhruf (43:38)

    Till, when (such a one) comes to Us, he says [to his Qarîn
    (Satan / devil companion)] “Would that between me and you were the
    distance of the two easts (or the east and west)” a worst (type
    of) companion (indeed)!

    Sura An-Naba (78:6)

    Have We not made the earth as a bed,

    Sura An-Naziat (79:30)

    And after that He spread the earth;


    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    so leveled plain means flat ….I guess you need to go back for schooling.. And can you explain bed means flat ?


  21. Be it Military of USA or any other part of the world you will see debates not on any other topic except Islam and there was no word of terror attached to it until US took away USSR’s parallel position of World super power so there remained no country to challenge US so they analysed and concluded that there is only one ideology which remains that is Islam which is a threat to US hegemony and then started the terms Islamic terror,extremism etc…go back before 1990 and u will not find media attacking Islam as much as it did afterwards and who it attacked were themselves characters created by USA be it Osama bin laden or Gadaffi ….as far as Islamic way of life is concerned it will be a failed attempt by western or any other parts to crush it…check which system of economy is flourishing it is Islamic banking…which is the most preferred way to be adopted (converted)by women in west and figures say Islam….if Islam is so irrelevant then how come it is the talk of all the elite….US and its allies are clearly fearing about the fast growing number of muslims in the world…they want to stop but the very means they are using are helping islam…like 9/11 was a cooked up story but it helped 40,000 + American people to understand islam and embrace it…google more on this


    vijay ! Reply:

    What else is cooked up?

    Was 26/11 executed by RAW and Hindus as Pakistan and antulay claimed?

    Did the Pakistani fauj march into Rashtrpati bhavan as Yahya Khan believed?

    Please give us some more stories … for entertainment :)


    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    And you give me conclusion of 9/11 report so that I reply you back…You people hear what media says…you see what media shows you think what media wants you to think….where as all those engineering videos(youtube etc) and doubts asked by learned men on 9/11 episode are never your basis of thinking….there is a difference between humans and lambs…humans question where as lambs blindly follow even if they are dropped down from a mountain….choose which one you want to be ? …amd when u debate you have to finish one to go to another you did not talk about 9/11 you jumped to 26/11….first satisfy me with proofs what bush or his counterparts claimed…..


    Guest Reply:

    An arabized mind finds reality inconvenient so it invents a parallel world where everything is a Zionist , crusader or infidel plot.

    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    An Indian Slave mind finds everything given by west as heavenly so no questions….as far as 9/11 is concerned just check specially the pentagon claim that Plane that attacked pentagon melt into air……if you know anything about metals and the degree at which they melt then you will question them how come a whole plane melt at such low degree…and even in WTC the steel used was so powerful that it will not go down unless bombs used for soft demolition are used…..just check the engineering videos on youtube which refute US claims that only planes hit brought down WTC….and why should i say anything just check the black sins of mossad if you think zionist are so clean…..even India is a slave of US and Israel so you see that even though USA is so bad in economy still it manages to keep its paper tiger on top (read Dollar)….wake up from your slumber.

    Anonymous Reply:

    If there is a difference between humans and lambs why dont you question why Muslim women worldover have the lowest literacy.
    Why dont you ask yourself why Islam welcomes people in but kills people who want to convert out of it.
    mr Lamb, have you asked yourself why Ahemdis, Qadinis, Sikhs, HIndus and Christians are killed in Pakistan?

    Mohd Inam ullah Reply:

    Even in India there is low literacy rate thanks to the politicians who dont want to make the common man thinkable similarly where ever the women are low in literacy it is fault of the rulers or the followers or lack of facilities…as far as Islam is concerned it makes mandatory for every male and female to acquire knowledge….famous saying Talabul ilmun farizatun ala kulli muslimin wa muslimatin…Acquiring knowledge is obligatory on every muslim male and female…even the first revelation of the last and final book was Iqra(meaning Read)….so there is no question of Islam prohibiting women …in case of methodlogy Islam does not guide us to get degrees for syllabus designed by Macaulay(During british rule)…..syllabus can change as per needs of the times and needs…if you see early scientist many of them are muslims…..

    vijay ! Reply:

    So you feel married girls at 15 will get better knowledge?

    Why dont you see the world form the eyes of a 15 year old girl in a burqa who could be a fourth wife all because of an outdated anti human rights personal law .

    Please don’t say that it rarely happens because it does happen. If Islam makes it obligatory for women to have knowledge than the people who propagate retrograde ideas like marriage at 15 have only got the wrong knowledge.

  22. vijay ! says:

    The backward mindset. Denying women equal rights in the name of Islam.

    here is a story in the New York TImes.

    A breath of fresh air”

    I know about this park. They are two sides of this story. The
    orhtodoxy in the Muslims, loved and pampered by the UPA and COngress wont
    allow sunlight to fall on the faces of these women.

    That is why Salman Khurshid and Baby G will remain silent on the
    retrograde step fo marrying Muslim girls at 15 and try to reap some
    votes out of it. Even the NMC will keep silent.

    So for the women it is some relief and freedom from the cruel burqa.

    But on the reverse it speaks volumes of our declining India where
    such isolation of women happens in the name of minority special rights.


  23. Guest says:

    This article seems to be based on a “profound” philosophy which goes like this
    “retrograde laws in sharia are ok since in reality other religions also practice the same retrograde laws”

    What’s conveniently left out is that other religious followers may follow retrograde ways in their personal lives regarding child marriage but their laws do not allow them under the Indian constitution. What zia is suggesting is the institutionalization of retrograde Islamic laws for Muslims in India.

    I find it hard to believe that an educated person would take such a stance. It’s totally disgusting.


  24. Anonymous says:

    I think is another blow to the idea of secular India. This is throwing acid on the foundations of our country. That in the name of minority appeasement, the Government of UPA is willing t sell decency, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights. It is willing to send girls to, what would qualify as child sex abuse in many countries.

    Shame on UPA.

    Shame on Zia for forgetting the rights of girls. What is the use of your education zia? What is the use of working for a national daily like HT, when you want to peddle the most fanatic ideas.

    SO the idea of getting Seema Chisti and Seema Mustapha in journalism is going to be dead now.

    The idea of getting Sania Mirza’s will be over now.

    The idea of India is going to be dictated by illiterate goons who claim that all that is good is written in this book and if you disagree we wil kill you.

    That before 7th centruy jahils existed on this planet. they were no dinosaurs. There was no religion.

    Ho !! Hum!! What trash…


  25. meena says:

    Its irrelevant that media made it a big issue the fact remains that Islam allows under age is also irrelevant that most mmuslims do not marry their daughters under 18 years…they still can if their law permits…what are you trying to say here..


  26. engrich says:

    goverment should intervene in 99%of muslim countries women marriage age is 18,


  27. Anonymous says:

    The nonsense about Saudi purity!
    On of the myths many Muslims suffer from is that they have at least 1% Saudi blood in them. This is a sort of lie which is used to make them feel that Saudi blood is superior. If you read the tales of Mohammad of Ghazni, Nadir Shah, Ghouri… none of them came ot India with women.
    All of the women were captured on the way. Or maybe they fell in love with the soldiers. Fair enough– this is the charitable version.
    But the fact is that there is HIndu blood in the Muslims of india. If you go by one invading horseman marring a local woman– then it is 50-50. But in cae the progeny later again married and mated with a local– then it becoms 75 % HIndu and 25% Muslim.
    So Mr Inam … have a look at real history, rather than imagined propoganda.
    The Saudi king’s son was arrested in Ldonon for trying to rape and molest a male servant and then finally killing him. Very pure in your eyes!!

    Had it been Riyadh, a conspiracy theory would have been cooked upt that a zionist was trying to attack the prince and the brave prince single handedly killed an armed attacker, barehanded !! And many rote learners of Saudi surperiority would have bowed down in admiration


  28. Anita says:

    The funny thing is that marraige is not void even for underage Hindu, Sikh or other Muslim couples if the minor partners don’t ask for an annulment. It is not a Muslim personal law thing.
    In almost all western countries, the age of consent to have sex is from 13 in Japan to 16 in most European countries. Yet, the idea is that they are mature enough to understand and emotionally have sex but not marry? Infact, most states in the US and some western European countries even allow marriage of teenagers under 18 but older than 16 if Parental consent is provided.

    Also, the case here is that the girls parent DID NOT want the girl to get married. They were opposed to the marriage and did not provide parental consent. So I don’t see how even under Muslim personal law this is possible because parental consent is required for minor girls.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Anita a lot of things happen in society which are not desirable. however the state has to set guidelines which are exmplary and incentivize its citizenary to follow them. Not by coericon
    If you see the state of half the Muslim girls– then this court ruling will give the orthodxy a tool to push them into early marriage, sounding forever the death knell to the possibilty of a good education.


  29. Punkaj says:

    Author’s extra-effort to somehow defend retrograde Muslim personal laws again proves that even educated Muslims are much more conservative than his an average educated Hindus…Pl note that Hindus never shied away or resisted in reforming his olden wrong traditions viz untouchability, child marraige, sati pratha et al..They did not revolted enmass at a reformist verdict like Shabano case..Agreed, Hindu culture may be lot of discrepancies, but they are ready to reform, whereas even educated Muslims zealously defend burqa system, suppression of women, polygamy, etc etc..


  30. Dr.Yogesh Sharma says:



    On both sides the desert lies,

    Vast stretches of sand flies.

    That shroud the moor and sky,

    Through the desert road runs by,

    Too many towered cities high,

    Here and there people go,

    Nazim cries in voice high and low.

    Veiled in a ghetto below,

    Lays lass with eyes glow.


    Dates, eucalyptus, palm quiver,

    Dusty and hot winds raising fever,

    Man folk chatter without any manner,

    Writhing with pain under the hot towers,

    Cry for a space in cool bowers

    And the cruel city empowers,

    The rogues to chain and torture,

    The beautiful veiled lass in tears,

    Tears and tears but no sympathy ever.


    In the towers women
    in veil,

    Moving with heavy trail,

    Sad and disheveled sail,

    If recently freed from jail.

    But no one has seen her face frail,

    Or exchanging her happy mail,

    Only fellow sisters and animals hail,

    Among the hardened bearded males,

    Heard an elegy sad and sail.


    Inside she works night and day,

    A dark world in colors grey,

    She was told as Allah say,

    Forbidden to breathe free and gay,

    Only to produce children and stay,

    Unknown of the curse wormy,

    Covered from top to bottom steadily,

    Reading the book sadly and holy,

    Chanted loudly, slowly and reputedly.


    Sometimes group of traders glad,

    A procession of ulemas glad,

    Skull cap, knee salwar and shirt long clad,

    Sometimes a herd of camels sad,

    Outlawed to music and young cupids wed,

    She has no young suitor glowed,

    To make love with his iron shield,

    Is it a life or curse she cried?

    I am sick of this black shroud.


    A hajji came surrounded by faithfuls,

    The sun was dazzling without lull,

    That sparkled in the sand dull,

    The apron white glittered full,

    Young face and brow glow in sunlight still,

    Head was clear of all the curls,

    He was flashing in the sky purple,

    Faith was ready to break and hurl.


    She threw the veil and left the room,

    In quick paces jumped the gloom,

    Unaware of her coming doom,

    She saw his face bright and plume,

    Faithfuls around were straining,

    Leaves and plants became pale and waning,

    Birds and animals in the rest complaining,

    Low and heavy clouds raining,

    And words in the throats were draining.


    Down she came out on the road fast,

    Over her face grim drops afloat,

    Like a Hindu saint on her sad lot,

    Dropping tears in his holy pot,

    Running robbed in pale and white,

    Madly rushed left and right,

    Faithfuls heard her song last,

    Lay beheaded, lifeless along blood hot

    Under the sun left by mad might.


    Left dead and dry under the sun,

    All came out to know her name,

    Died the mirth of world fame,

    All and sundry cried and ram,

    She has a beautiful and dear frame,

    God in His heaven bless this dame,

    Poor girl was she died of faith human.

    Away on a wall, calling a bearded Nazim,

    Failed and ignorant about the girl’s doom.


  31. A temporary increase in oil production in America is hardly cause to celebrate the “end of peak oil”. After all, we saw previous production rises from both Alaska and Gulf of Mexico, which barrel for barrel were much bigger, cheaper and easier plays than any of the shale oil basins ever can or will be, yet production still peaked in the US over 40 years ago! Please take the time to understand the subject at hand rather than just posting this sort of oil industry triumphalist nonsense.


  32. Indeed, we built our economies on cheap oil. Now we can barely maintain them at current oil prices. There may be oil for a long time to come, but it won’t let us keep growing like we have and It won’t lower your bill at the pump.


  33. Heading Out says:

    I have explained the problems with Mr Maugeri’s analysis at The Oil Drum:

    The rationale that he uses does not recognize the real depletion in reserves shown by countries such as Britain and Norway, and relies on overly optimistic projections of yield that do not recognize the very rapid declines in production that come from the wells in the Bakken, for example. It is a long, somewhat complex route to explain the real state of affairs – something that I do on The Oil Drum each Sunday, and requires explanations of future production from a number of countries. Maugeri confuses reserves with production rates, and it is the inability of the world to sustain production rates that will get us into trouble in the next few years.


    Kyle Blank Reply:

    The problem is that the peak oil theorists are always claiming we will encounter problems in “the next few years,” then the next few years come and nothing happens. Now I am sure if I had debated this with say a Matthew Simmons or whatnot, that they would have wiped the floor with me as they understand (in Simmons’s case understood) the subject a lot better than I do, but peak oil theorists do not seem to understand the subject nearly as well as they think they do. If they did, then they would have been right on the claims made about hitting peak oil in the late 1990s, the early 2000s, the mid-2000s, 2012, and so forth.
    One thing to keep in mind as that as oil gets more expensive, investment pours into new technologies to make extracting the tougher oil (like shale oil) easier and cheaper. Yes, production rates might be slower and harder to maintain with current technology, but new technology has ways of making previously “impossible” things in different areas of technology possible. There was a time, for example, when engineers said that the idea of having televisions the size of phones and flat screen displays, and so forth, was just science fiction, and would never happen, then it happens.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that if the older economy was built on cheap oil, that means industry didn’t have the incentive to do things as efficiently or cheaply regarding things requiring petroleum. As oil gets more expensive, industry isn’t just going to sit and continue chugging along as usual. They’ll by themselves start investing in finding new ways to do all sorts of things far more efficiently, and with less.


  34. michaeld says:

    just look at Norway and England ..
    no war just running out of oil!


  35. DaveyJones says:

    The Saudi Oil minister is the stop gap for objective information? Give me a break. Not all oil or things called “oil” are equal…nor is the energy it takes to find it, extract it, and process it. Those EROEI numbers have been falling steadily and dramatically. As others said, those numbers (the old ones) are the basis for the “modern” economy. Everything is changing now.


  36. James Vijay says:

    Peak oil is not about “running out” of oil. It is about the declining rate of production and about the EROEI (energy return on energy invested). Companies have to drill deeper, offshore, or in tight formations like shale rock; or they have to produce from heavy oils or tar sands; they have to use water flooding, steam injection, liquid CO2 based EOR, etc. And with all this, world production has plateaued for the last several years while the EROEI has plummeted.

    The good old days when most of the crude was produced from wells that gushed are over. A good place to find out about these issues is


  37. massbytes says:

    Hard to take someone serious who thinks shale oil is going to make America a petroleum giant. I think the average well produces less than 200 barrels per day. And they deplete very rapidly at that.


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