Gross Domestic Confusion

Interest rates are high
And the GDP grows slow
Inflation kisses sky
The economy is so-so

Food costs much more
Than it did a while ago
The BMW sells well
But not the teeny Nano

India’s not the same
A lot has changed now
Mumbai is not New York
And Sensex’s not the Dow

The slowdown is a puzzle
A veritable Rubik’s cube
The colours of a coalition
Is not quite a growth lube

Where do we find again
the formula for fizz?
Europe is so lame,
America’s losing biz

Japan isn’t jumping
China looks a rival
Whatever happened, oh dear
To the signs of our arrival?

The Wall Street fell sick
The whole world got the flu
Greece turned a ruin
And India felt so blue

The Arabs are smiling
They still got the oil
But their spring turned so hot
They too have to toil

It’s all connected now
Europe, America, Asia
FDI may give succour
But it’s no real panacea!

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