It’s SRK Inc! What did you think?

Shoulders bent sidewards, arms akimbo
He charms some babes, and plenty of bimbos
King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan
Is a man of romance, and exquisite élan

It’s lonely at the top, he wears it on his sleeve
He talks the other Khan (the one who’s his pet peeve)
Foot in the mouth, sets Kat among the pigeons
Nevertheless he charms folks of all regions

Famously he said, with a mind that sketched his plan:
“I am not Shah Rukh Khan. I work for Shah Rukh Khan”
In an industry of dreams where image is all matters
He looked at his kingdom through the prism of his tatters

Of the many heroes on screen, none has quite stated:
“I am an employee of the image that I have created.”
That makes this actor a philosopher of sorts
Amid some plum roles and hackneyed parts

There’s more to hamming, when you’re SRK Inc
There’s plenty in there to make you think
He won’t ride a horse, but will kiss comely fillies
This Knight Rider stud who cooks some Red Chillies

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