Operation Obamaspeak

You could hear him on CNN and on BBC
His diction energetic, his flow so easy
As Obama spoke, holding all in sway
Twas an inspired moment for the US of A

He spoke of health and jobs; of the Fiscal Cliff
Playing like a rockstar on a guitar riff
He held forth on Twitter, breaking the news,
Hitting every ball, nothing left loose

Battles at home and wars abroad
A focus narrow and sweeps broad
Much to accomplish, hurdles to cross
Was it some shine? Or was it just gloss?

Back home in India, we flicked the remote
thought of leaders who speak by rote,
and of some who don’t seem to speak at all:
winter, summer, spring or fall!


No Responses to “Operation Obamaspeak”
  1. Abu Ahmed says:

    People appreciate purposeful Yatras, whether on foot or vehicle. Self-serving Yatras don’t cut much ice with the Janta, however much attractive be the media build-up.


  2. Alldtipp says:

    Tour to India is a great opportunity to experience the splendid tourist destinations of India. There is so much to discover in India. It is an ancient land with world-view which is unique in the world.


  3. Rightly put that these politicians should reach the people every year. They should do pad-yatra rather than (five star) rath yatra, only then they may be able to understand the hardships of common man.


  4. Ashok says:

    Jayalalithaa may not be happy with prostrations alone, might like to have a stab at the premiership as well.


    Anonymous Reply:

    That is what ‘empresses’ are for.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Sanghvi as usual is playing apologist for Congress. He is shifting all blame on DMK giving clean chit to Sonia and Rahul. What makes him think that Sonia and Rahul did not make money out of 2G scam?

    Congress is also involved in CWG scams..Now Sanghvi will hold only Kalmadi responsible for this.

    MMS may be an honest man but he has enabled corruption so that his bosses can make money.

    The journos like Sanghvi can not defend congress shamelessly anymore. We still remember Radia tapes.


  6. Anonymous says:

    @ Vir Sanghvi

    Dr Manmohan Singh would have continued to rule well… but the advent of CHotta baba and his guru, Digvinash singh, made to Congress insult MMS to make Chotta baba look good.

    In the end, the COngress looks like a third rate party willing to sell everything for votes. It makes fun of the policemen in the Batla house encounter, is willing to follow the Jinnah agenda to win elections in UP and calls Bin Laden “Osmaji.”

    It deserves a kcik in the rump — whihc we will all give.


  7. Deep says:

    Excellent analysis, write and read. And the truth of the matter.


  8. Abu Ahmed says:

    The calculations of the UPA govt were quite simple: Let Raja make money for his bosses. Eventually he would be cuaght in the web and his crimes exposed. Judicial process would get rolling, licenses would be cancelled. This would lead to making auction of all natural resources to the the highest bidder a policy issue. Auctioning of 2G spectrum would recover all the losses and more for the UPA, thereby enriching the govt’s coffers. If not a moral, it will be legally clean and the finances of the country would improve. So, the UPA saved itself all these years, allowed Raja & DMK to be made the scape-goat (after all DMK got the lion’s share), and in the next elections it would be able to face the public with less tar and lesser fear of the voter. DMK alone is the Faustus which had paid the price already, UPA is setting the record and the budget straight after all and would come up trumps, despite Sangh Parivaar’s machinations


  9. Ravi says:


    I totally agree with you


    Anonymous Reply:

    Please dont spread hatred and lies here as u do everywehre. Otherwise I will ask Rajeev and Shenoy to visit this blog/


  10. DGR says:

    Yes Indians work for empire building rather than efficiency and accountability. But you forgot to mention that the more agencies this Govt creates the more are doors open for corruptions. Even antitarror is fought in India with corruptions as all law keeping establishments are tainted with bribes and corruptions.


  11. Ashok says:

    The concept underlying NCTC is sound. It should be taken up for serious implementation when circumstances are more supportive. The state police forces have their limitations and are certainly not equipped to effectively counter a problem which has such a large external dimension.


  12. Girish Nayak says:

    Even now if citizens of all states do not want Modi as PM then atleast create any person like Modi in every state as a CM who can work what modi has done for Gujarat.

    There after Congress will never come to power like in Gujarat. There will no voting on base of cast or religion all are equals no one specials, no appeasment

    Select Modi of your state and enjoy real democracy with development.


  13. arun says:

    The dilution is because of ‘Bureaucratic Control’ a la “Yes Minister”. Bold decisions, require political will which is conspicuous by its absence due to “coalition dharma”.


  14. Mohit says:

    Mr Zia Haq is behaving media personal manager, just for some free bies from, Salman Khurshid, No doubt Mr Salman Khurshid is a good human being, no doubt about it, but as far as politician is concerned he has some shortcomings also one must accept that but writer here is blind follower of mr Salman Khurshid


  15. anil says:

    [The general view in the Congress, I am told, is that Khurshid’s utterances while wooing Muslim voters in UP led to a “ c o m m u n a l i z a t i o n ” of the party’s electioneering platform and this hurt the party.]

    Yes, he missed the under laying message that ” c o m m u n a l i z a t i o n of society is ok but not the “platform” that pays dividends and brings long term benefit.

    Salman’s decisions are indeed short sighted, although, there is not much difference between what he wants and his party man/women want. Poor Salman! He should have grown up a bit!


    anil Reply:

    [In other words, my question is what stops a politician from selling a policy-decision taken by his government to the electorate? At the cost of repeating, let me rephrase that once again: in a parliamentary democracy, what prevents a politician from highlighting his party’s affirmative action agenda? The short answer is, nothing.]

    See above for answer where I said “communatization of society is OK” but not the “platform”.


  16. Good place to write a biased article, just show your loyalties.


  17. Abu Ahmed says:

    A leader committed to the all-round growth of India and all Indians is any day my leader, regardless of his/her name or religion.


  18. Abu Ahmed says:

    Salman Khurshid’s problem is that he is too much UP-centric to wear a pan-Indian Muslim leader tag. If he wishes to lay claim over leadership of Muslims, he will have to at least visit central India, like Hyderabad, once in a while and also go to bangaluru, chennai, mallapuram – apart from Guwahati and Ahmedabad (if he is daring enough) and make himself aware of the Muslim issues there. Unfortunately, all these so-called Muslim leaders, either of the Congress or of the SP, cannot see beyond UP and are hampered with their frog’s-view and yet want party, people and country to accept them as great Muslim leaders – that is why they fail. That is why the Congress too have failed in UP – u cannot allow Narender Modi to continue in Gujarat while claiming to be a secular party.


  19. Abu Ahmed says:

    Congress’s commitment to secularism leaves much to be desired – that is why they lost elections in UP. Instead of addressing this issue, they are searching for scape-goats. Narender Modi is a symbol of a politics where coming and staying in power is all that counts, mass murder or ethnic cleansing notwithstanding. Sorry – N Modi stands for the worst in politics. Gujarat was always an industrial & trading hub. N Modi tricked others in believing its success story to be his personal one – thats a slap on the age-old enterprising spirit & industry of all Gujaratis.


    Sumit Bose Reply:

    @ Abu, Your emotional rant flies in the face of logic.
    Ethnic ( rather religious) cleansing has been aggressively persued by Islamic societes. Just look at the census figures of Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq Egypt, Iran, ndonesia, Malaysia etc etc. That brutal record should silence you, even if you are totally blank on the religious cleansing carried out so throughly in the Kashmir valley just 2 decades ago. But you rave and rant. The real reason, is that Hindus in Gujarat had collectively decided that they would not tolerate any more provocations from one paricularly nasty community.


    Guest Reply:

    You rant against Modis massacre but you are quiet about a hundred times bigger massacre of nonmuslims in Kashmir. Shows that you are just another communal muslim. People have figured out now that Muslims are very different because the forces of arabization have successfully done their dirty deed on Muslims everywhere. So go on ranting for ummah but not for humanity. No secular person will believe that you are sincere.


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