Gadkari vs Gadflies

Politics is unpredictable, like fate
The mood, you see, changes with the date
Yesterday’s scandals fade like jeans
Today throws up new has-beens.

Coalgate, Spectrumgate, Vadragate are out
On the opposition party we now have a doubt
Drivergate gives a dash of black to saffron
And people ask: “Hey! What’s the difference?”

Potshots and slingshots are best fired clean
Clean you gotta be, and clear you must be seen
Alas the BJP is now playing defence
The hunter is the quarry; it doesn’t make sense!

“Our hands are clean, we are ready for the courts”
is a refrain for the rulers and their cohorts
But when pristine purists utter the same
We wonder if they both play the self-same game.

If you raise a stink, you’ve got to mind your curry
Be your name NaMo, or a certain Gadkari
There is a thing, you see, about throwing stones:
Avoid glass houses to save your bones

© N. Madhavan, 2012


No Responses to “Gadkari vs Gadflies”
  1. Dr.Yogesh Sharma says:
    Sir you are very right UPA under leadership of Dr.Man Mohan singh has done no good for the nation. HE has
    destroyed the nation in every field. In the name of secularism, He has
    spreading minority communal ism and fanaticism. Similarly in the name of
    social justice he is promoting caste hatred. Almost entire UPA is
    tarred in corruption. Only nation can drink secularism and eat caste and
    communal quotas. It has mis-used judiciary and CBI to keep partners
    under it. Now cursing Modi and Gujarat are become a cottage industry for
    NGOs, secularists, and activists supported blindly and promoted by team MMS. Even National Advisory Council is
    full of such corrupt and criminal elements. Due to communal and
    divisive policies of the UPA Islam has become a national religion. It
    has created separate islands on the basis of caste and religion within
    the nation. They are almost like nation within nation. J& become
    an Islamic state. Punjab has become a sikh state. Nagaland and Mizoram
    are become Christian states. UP and Bihar are become OBC quota states,
    Tamilnadu is become Dravid state. So UPA has divided nation on caste and
    communal lines. Even the election of President and VP are stoops to all
    all time law. So it will be in the interest of the nation that UPA and as well as Man Mohan Singh are kicked out of power. His economics is promoting caste and communal ism, loot the nation and spread hate.and Nationalist like Narendra Modi or Subramanium
    Swamy become the Prime Minister.


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