Gadkari vs Gadflies

Politics is unpredictable, like fate
The mood, you see, changes with the date
Yesterday’s scandals fade like jeans
Today throws up new has-beens.

Coalgate, Spectrumgate, Vadragate are out
On the opposition party we now have a doubt
Drivergate gives a dash of black to saffron
And people ask: “Hey! What’s the difference?”

Potshots and slingshots are best fired clean
Clean you gotta be, and clear you must be seen
Alas the BJP is now playing defence
The hunter is the quarry; it doesn’t make sense!

“Our hands are clean, we are ready for the courts”
is a refrain for the rulers and their cohorts
But when pristine purists utter the same
We wonder if they both play the self-same game.

If you raise a stink, you’ve got to mind your curry
Be your name NaMo, or a certain Gadkari
There is a thing, you see, about throwing stones:
Avoid glass houses to save your bones

© N. Madhavan, 2012

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