Find your KJo Mojo

There is corruption and rape troubling the nation
Money made in spectrum, land and irrigation
But if all the slush makes you sigh and cry
There’s a remedy for all; you just have to try

Forget your reality, be you a Jill or a Joe
Enter a multiplex, just go with the flow
Perish your worries, get a Botox glow
Our formula’s simple: It’s called KJo

Who wants politicians? Those wretched netas!
It’s time to watch cute girls and rich betas
Students they are but they look like models
In the land of the samosa, these apple strudels

There’s more to this world than love, sang Faiz
Dylan sang of change, and misery was for Baez
KJo, however, is blind to them all
With his love and frolic, be it spring or fall

Love, we know, is a many-splendoured thing
Overdosing on this is our Feelgood King
Rocking Bollywood with his staple tricks:
Studs and songs and shapely chicks!

Enjoy your outing, with popcorn or nachos
It’s the time to disco and nacho
But if you’ve diabetes, avoid this KJo
The screen oozes sugar in his three-hour show!

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