Kejriwal of India

Who needs a Lokpal?
When you have Kejriwal
Probing is his habit
And his hat is full of rabbits

Out he takes his hat
And then hits someone flat
Friends say it’s a revelation
Foes call it allegation

His press conferences are long
And his stamina is strong
By the time he gets to half-way
It seems to some like next day

He fixes power connections
Forces Sensex corrections
Shakes giant real estate
With help from the Fourth Estate

We thought he was for cities
And we joked of him in ditties
When Anna left he was a loser
Not a protester but an amuser

But things have changed now
He’s pulled rabbits somehow
He’s a brand himself though shrill
With all the beans that spill


No Responses to “Kejriwal of India”
  1. Kushal says:

    Ooooh, my sssssympathiesssss, Massssha.


  2. Kushal says:

    Thanks, Sushmita!


  3. Anamika says:

    Oh!!! This is divine intervention – a physiotherapist named Dr. Bookwala I mean. I’m sure you’re attending every session religiously, just to have a chance at calling out aloud to her ;-)

    Hope your wrist has healed and you’re better.



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