A year of living dangerously

Osama, Gaddafi and then went Kim
Tsunamis and typhoons on the Pacific Rim
Oh! What changes the world saw this year
Not just another one, it must now be clear!

The Poor Japanese ran when their earth shook
And then lived with the fear of a moody nuke
A mighty earthquake brought the Kiwis some dread
Filipinos, Thaiis and Aussies saw ugly floods

The burning Middle East, burnt some more
But democracy bloomed like flowers galore
Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain
The Arab Spring did shake many a reign

Syria is exploding much as we speak
The strange spring of the year’s touched a volcanic peak
Hundreds killed in the quest for change
Still no success, it does seem strange

President Obama, Nobelled for peace
Decided to leave Iraq, hopefully in one piece
But four thousand Americans perished by the Tigris
And we still haven’t seen the end of a crisis.

Afghanistan erupted, as it has done for a while
Drones and bombs rained in Uncle Sam style
And the Big Sheikh was killed in the hills of Pakistan
The Navy Seals sealing his best-laid plans

Yonder in the West, the Greeks blushed red
Italy lost its Berlo, as his economy bled
Euro zone quarrelled over its euro and pound
The debt mountains there did us astound

The American Eagle that once soared high
Flew much lower, that you cannot deny
Its streets erupted in a wave of outrage
As Wall Street’s mighty birds landed in a cage

In the streets of Isloo, Karachi and Lahore
Protests and cries were the staples in store
The uniformed flexed their familiar muscle
As Pakistan lurched from tussle to tussle

Back in India, the citizens showed their gall
Dared the government to bring a Lokpal
Flooded the streets as monsoons poured
And ranted on TV, till we all felt bored

And so it has been a year of tumult
Rare was the moment that made us exult
God give us peace and joy in the new year
It’s time you were kind to some of us here.

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