About N Madhavan

Narayanan Madhavan is a columnist and editor with HT Business, who has covered everything from economic reform, technology, politics and the Kargil war to Bollywood and cricket in a long journalistic career.

We are Indians, we are like this only
We are saying this with confidence, certainly
Inglis is not for us, we will speak our own tongues
You see India is a rainbow with many, many rangs [Read more]

In the enchanted world of central Delhi
Whose denizens wax on prime-time telly
There’s an unwritten rule that the charmed follow:
“Sycophancy runs deep, but loyalties run shallow” [Read more]

She said she spoke English
But it sounded like gibberish
“Isn’t this all poppycock?”
I asked. She replied: “Jabberwock!” [Read more]

We love Indians, our kind, the Indians that we are
But who really is an Indian – it’s a complex matter yaar
Some are born here, but not quite Indian, you see
They turned NRIs and PIOs when they decided to flee [Read more]

G -7 became G-8 and G-8 turned G-20
These diplomatic G-strings now are plenty
To complicate matters in the world of economics:
There’s new gang in the block, our dear BRICS! [Read more]