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Narayanan Madhavan is a columnist and editor with HT Business, who has covered everything from economic reform, technology, politics and the Kargil war to Bollywood and cricket in a long journalistic career.

He did start a questionable dynasty
But that ain’t no reason to go all-nasty
Some of what you hear’s right and some half-true
There are many shades to Jawaharlal Nehru [Read more]

Whenever the lofty critic slams a movie

The director is upset but still feels groovy

This is the strange way of our Bollywood

When critics say “bad”, fans go “jolly good”

There is thing about Rupees One Hundred Crore

When a movie rakes it, it is not a big bore

You see the well-heeled media is not an example

They are smart and sharp but not a good sample

It is the Great Unwashed that must approve the flick

And our Farahs and Johars know their tricks

The intellectuals and their friends — the critics

Do not understand the minds of simple slapsticks!

Ka-ka-ka-Kiran and SRK’s swoons

Hrithik’s quick steps and Sallu’s dishooms

Six-pack jhatkas and frilly matkas:

They’re not for cigar-wallahs but for the gutkhas.

Oh darling, yeh hai India, where tastes are funny

The guys you laugh at are right on the money

Like the buffoon neta who gets all the votes

These guys know how to chhapo those notes!

While film fest awards may go unsung

The sadak-chhap janta loves “Dabang!”

The snooty writer may call it dung

But by a long rope her review is hung!

The fans out there find critics pretentious

Their views in the front stalls are pretty contentious

The gestures impress them and style makes them drool

The producer sahib knows this is paisa-vasool!

So don’t make a song and dance about song and dance

There is a design in Bollywood, not luck by chance

The critic’s “Two Stars” may fetch some friends

But the Hundred Crore may show him “The End!”

They say if you sell a dog, the money doesn’t bark
But whatever its colour, you’ll need a place to park
When it’s black as coal and you want a safe haven
It helps if that place is picturesque as heaven [Read more]

Rejoice, dear Indians, help is at hand
There’s young Mark waving a magic wand
The Net for everyone, like roti, kapda, makaan
If Mr.Zuckerberg’s ideas work  to a plan

[Read more]

As the highlanders of the UK go off to vote
Us Indians too have a point to note
Independence gets a state – and is a state of mind
But when the light streams in, we are still half blind!

English is what we speak, albeit in an Indian way
Though we just last week, marked Hindi’s special day
The empire still lingers in our memories in avenues
And in the way our babus add up their revenues

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