About N Madhavan

Narayanan Madhavan is a columnist and editor with HT Business, who has covered everything from economic reform, technology, politics and the Kargil war to Bollywood and cricket in a long journalistic career.

There is a family that fought our freedom
And ruled India like it was its fiefdom
With a quirk of fate a Nehru became Gandhi
Now we had a whiskey that sounded like a brandy [Read more]

There’s an affidavit, and there’s a form
To be filled properly, as per the norm
The problem is when questions are strange
To a man not sure if he is in or estranged. [Read more]

He is a master of cement, and his seat was cemented
Though the courtiers whispered that he was demented
Cliches ran out — to cries of “Not cricket!”
But there was this man, standing unbudged at the wicket. [Read more]

We the people of India, having solemnly constituted
a proper democracy, with elections instituted
Have done away with regents, princes and kings
And other such elements feudal histories bring
We took off those crowns and abolished the privy purse
But it seems still that we are stuck with a dynastic curse. [Read more]

Media, Media on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
Who stands short and who stands tall?
Rahul, Modi or Kejriwal? [Read more]