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Narayanan Madhavan is a columnist and editor with HT Business, who has covered everything from economic reform, technology, politics and the Kargil war to Bollywood and cricket in a long journalistic career.

You can lose your mind or lose your shirt
You can play with Bigg Boss and be the Official Flirt
You can speed at night after a drink or two [Read more]

Let’s play, “Farmer, Farmer” like we do Jack and Jill
Let’s cry some tears for the peasants, let’s shout from atop the hills
Dust up the old numbers anew: “Sixty-six percent live in farms”
Let’s remember those wretched ones, beyond our urbane charms [Read more]

One goes to Paris, Berlin and Toronto sans doubt
The other goes to Bangkok, or roughly thereabouts
One talks to global leaders, makes NRIs go ga-ga
The other returns to his cadres, and they all go ra-ra! [Read more]

(Response to Deepika Padukone’s video)

You are the snowflake, the snowfall, you say?
But Snow White is what you seem that way
Looking for seven male dwarfs in your enchanted queen-dom
In your strange new video coming-clean-dom

[Read more]

So we lost the World Cup, be that as it may:
a game is just a sport, and play is only play
But the wise old Lewis, said so rightly
There’s more to cricket than cricket only [Read more]