Much ado about integration

In the end, it seems futile that so much time, energy and money got spent for something so ‘little’.By something I mean the integration of Nepal’s former Peoples’ Liberation Army rebels into Nepal Army—the biggest stumbling block in concluding the peace process.

On Monday, only 1,544 of the remaining 3,123 former PLA combatants in cantonments took written exams to get integrated to NA. While most of them would become soldiers, 86 from among them are vying for posts of officers in the army they once fought against.

These former combatants went though a screening process before sitting for the written exam. But there’s still no guarantee that they will end up getting integrated—–for that they will have to pass the written exam, subsequent medical examinations and training.

Though these combatants waited patiently for years for completion of the integration process, nearly 1,500 of them recently opted for ‘retirement’ with monetary benefits like thousands of their former PLA colleagues who took the same route months ago.

Even if all 1,544 who appeared for the written test finally manage to don NA’s olive green fatigues, the figure would be much less than the one for which the Maoist leadership had been bargaining with other parties—–delaying the peace process by many years.

Despite the 2006 peace deal (and other deals between political parties and Maoists) not mentioning any figure and focusing only on ‘integration’ and ‘rehabilitation’, the number of PLA personnel to be integrated into NA always remained the biggest bone of contention.

Over the years, Maoists chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ insisted on integrating as many of them as possible—–with the intention of having long-term influence in NA trough his former PLA men.

On the other hand, wary that something like that could actually happen, Nepali Congress and Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist), the two major parties in the dissolved Constituent Assembly after Maoists, tried to keep the figure at a minimum.

As the tussle over integration continued, the peace process kept getting delayed and thousands of PLA personnel confined in seven cantonments across the country waited endlessly for their futures to be decided by leaders in Kathmandu.

There were doubts regarding the actual number of PLA combatants as well. Following the peace deal, verification carried out by the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) found nearly 19,000 in the cantonments. Nearly 3,000 of them who were minors were later discharged.

In November last year, the parties agreed that 6,500 of the PLA personnel would be integrated into NA and the rest given ‘voluntary retirement’ with monetary benefits.

A fresh verification carried out by the Special Committee formed after UNMIN’s departure in early 2011 found around 17,000 PLA personnel in the cantonments. Nearly 9,700 of them opted to join NA while the rest left the cantonments with cash incentives.

But by April this year when the cantonments came under NA control, only 3,123 PLA personnel wanted integration. Delays, mismanagement of their funds and doubts about their positions in NA made the other 6,576, who had opted for integration initially, decide on ‘retirement’.

When the process finally gets over, the integrated former PLA personnel would be part of a proposed directorate general (DG) within NA entrusted with industrial security, infrastructure development, forest security and disaster management.

Former PLA personnel were to comprise 35% of the DG’s total strength of over 18,000 men. But with their number now reduced to barely 1,500 from the previously agreed 6,500, there are doubts on whether the directorate would get constituted and if it does what would be its structure.


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  2. Respected Editor and Readers !
    Good Morning from Kathmandu !
    Yes !I think- there are so many problems that there
    will be no the consensus to complete the peace process and the writing of a
    constitution among the parties. Another major sticking point is how to
    integrate thousands of Maoist fighters housed in camps since the nation’s civil
    war ended in 2006. A proposal to integrate them into the Nepal Army will be
    failed because Nepal’s
    Army officers do not want integration of such Maoist’s -ism trained
    workers. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, known as a so-called qualified and confused writer
    seems extremely controversial.
    Nowhere in the world,
    would a country be able to protect its sovereignty by making the national army
    weak and powerless? The national army can’t compare with Maoist’s army. Now, in
    we have two kinds of army- the national army and the Maoist’s army. Can we
    imagine two kinds of army in a country?

    The creator of the Maoist rebellion was Girija.
    After 1992, in the name of annihilating Masal-Communists (later called the
    Maoists) murder, suppression, and rape crossed the limit. In revenge, Maoists
    systematically killed thousands of civilians, police and army personnel.
    Millions worth of physical infrastructures were destroyed or burned. And since
    2005, Girija (leader of NC) joined hands with the Maoists. JNU Prof -S.D.Muni,
    the strategist of RAW had given the 12-point anti-Nepal agendas of the
    Republic, Secularism and Federal states to the perverted leaders of the parties
    and a few lawyers, doctors, and journalists to end the existence of Nepal.

    The Maoists are using their agendas and are
    opening a ‘Pandora’s Box’- a one-party communist anarchism. The Maoist Party
    has own army. It is a big conspirator that the Maoist fighters(Co-called army) almost have joined with the New Mohan Baidha Maoist’s party and Baburam Bhattarai. There are may be only 6-8 hundreds fighter can join in Nepal army. It may be to disturb Nepal army’s secrecy. So, it is not believable that the Maoists are supporting the democratic peaceful sense.
    I am sorry to write that it was a great blunder
    of Indian diplomats- Shyam Saran- former Indian ambassador and former foreign
    Secretary of India (who is widely credited with bringing the present
    instability in Nepal), and Sive Shankar Mukharejee, former foreign minister, KB
    Rajan- former Indian ambassador Rakesh Sood- former ambassador, Prof.SD Muni
    (RAW strategist) and other officials who not only blundered in their assessment
    of the Maoists but also did much harm to Indian’s interests in Nepal. Among diplomats,
    Shyam Saran is a very ambitious diplomat who could not calculate the good

    Due to the Indian diplomats’ mistakes and the result became bad for India also. Now all the agendas of Democratic System are in risk. The intention of Maoist is to
    create one party communist regime. The Maoist never supports constitutional
    democratic system in Nepal
    including India. Then, we should find the solution to save Nepal-
    constitutionally. The 1990 Constitution was not abolished in a appropriate constitutional
    manner. The 1990 Constitution should implement with monarchy to provide a
    momentum for the nation. This is the point of solution. Nor China comes
    with Communism for its security. We must remain alert from foreign conspiracy
    and suicidal activities of despicable leaders. It is high time we sacrifice in
    name of country by joining shoulder to shoulder with the national army,
    security organs and patriotic Nepali people with the King. It is the compulsion of Nepal and India.

    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai



  3. Joseph Kurian says:

    Is it in the interests of the common man, the citizens of Nepal, that the ones in power, debating in Kathmandu, cannot agree to form a constitution for 6 years?!?!
    People are around who suffer with no power or even the basic feature of a decent road to a hospital; inflation is at a high…the list can go on!


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