About Utpal Parashar

While others have kept rolling, Utpal Parashar, the Nepal Correspondent of Hindustan Times, is gathering moss in the same organization since 1997. Starting as a trainee reporter in New Delhi, he has worked in Guwahati and Dehradun before shifting to Kathmandu in October 2009.

Hindi films have always found more favour among Nepali movie goers than those made in Nepal. Last year Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3 became the highest grossing film in the Himalayan nation with collections of over NRs 6 crores (Rs 3.75 crores). [Read more]

The Oxford English Dictionary describes an encounter as “an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something”. It could also mean to unexpectedly face or experience (something hostile or difficult) and “a confrontation or unpleasant struggle”.

But in our part of the world the word has an altogether different connotation. Besides the definitions given above encounter is sometimes a euphemism for extra-judicial killings of alleged criminals or terrorists by police and armed forces, supposedly in self-defence. [Read more]

Relationships require paying attention to the other person’s needs and constant nurturing to make them successful. Same can be said about ties between nations. [Read more]

It’s been over three months since 16 Sherpas died in an avalanche on Mount Everest—the single biggest tragedy in the history of climbing on the world’s tallest peak. The incident brought the 2014 spring climbing season on the peak to a close. [Read more]

In October last year a 49-year-old Australian nurse Delma Ryan had to cut short her trip to Nepal suddenly and rush back home with the threat of collapsing and dying on the way. [Read more]