About Utpal Parashar

While others have kept rolling, Utpal Parashar, the Nepal Correspondent of Hindustan Times, is gathering moss in the same organization since 1997. Starting as a trainee reporter in New Delhi, he has worked in Guwahati and Dehradun before shifting to Kathmandu in October 2009.

When I first landed in Kathmandu one of the first things I noticed once the taxi left the Tribhuwan International Airport and entered the capital city was how faces of majority of the residents—on streets, two-wheelers, at shops—were covered with cloth masks. [Read more]

I had the good fortune last week to listen to two very eminent Nepalis, entrepreneur and author Sujeev Shakya and journalist and civil society activist Kanak Mani Dixit, as they deliberated on East South Asia and how Nepal could benefit from greater connectivity within this region. [Read more]

There’s an Assamese saying: “Gosot kothal, uthot tel, nopokutei sel-bel” – roughly translated it means -”Seeing the jackfruit on the tree, you’ve wiped your lips with oil in anticipation (applied to prevent the white sticky glue of the fruit from getting stuck to lips), and have started a commotion (on who will eat it and how much) when the fruit is yet to ripen”. [Read more]

It’s an exciting time for cricket lovers in Nepal. The country will debut in this month’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh and soon after that tournament ends the Himalayan nation is all set to launch an Indian Premier League (IPL) inspired event from April. [Read more]

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was among the first world leaders to congratulate Nepal’s new Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on his election to the top post last week. He also extended a “warm and cordial invitation” to Koirala to visit India at his convenience. [Read more]