About Utpal Parashar

While others have kept rolling, Utpal Parashar, the Nepal Correspondent of Hindustan Times, is gathering moss in the same organization since 1997. Starting as a trainee reporter in New Delhi, he has worked in Guwahati and Dehradun before shifting to Kathmandu in October 2009.

Sushma Rai, a 22 year old resident of Khotang district in eastern Nepal was murdered by her husband Sudeep last month. In order to hide his crime he later set her body on fire. The incident would have passed as another death due to fire had an autopsy not been conducted.

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It is no secret sexual minorities like gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender are a discriminated lot in our part of the globe. And among them transgender or those who identify themselves as members of a gender different from the one they were born with or assigned by society are more marginalized. [Read more]

Another week and there’s another list. This one compares countries, 119 of them, based on living costs around the world. India has been ranked the country with the lowest cost of living with neighbouring Nepal coming second and Pakistan third. [Read more]

Aamir Khan’s blockbuster ‘PK’ which is hitting the headlines in India for becoming the highest grossing Hindi film and for some Hindu outfits demanding a ban on its screening has made news in neighbouring Nepal too. But unlike in the south the reasons here are different. [Read more]

Nepal’s hope of a getting a new constitution swung from uncertainty to hope and back to despair this year. And with 2014 ending on Wednesday there is very slim chance that the statute will be promulgated on January 22, the self-imposed deadline by lawmakers. [Read more]