World hails Pope Francis

Elated and proud Argentines wept for joy and packed the Buenos Aires cathedral to celebrate the stunning election of the former cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis. Latin America’s Roman Catholics rejoiced that the new Pope Francis is one of their own, the world has hailed the him as a humble champion of the poor and wished the strength to lead the Church out of crisis.

Argentina's Jorge Bergoglio, elected Pope Francis appears at the window of St Peter's Basilica's balcony after being elected the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican. (AFP)

An Argentinian flag flies on the terrace of a gift shop in Roma a day after the election of the new Pope. (AFP)

Designer Genny Di Virgilio puts the final touches on a statuette depicting Pope Francis, in his shop in Naples, Italy. (AP)

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik creates a sand sculpture of new Pope Francis at the beach in Puri. (PTI)

The first batch of freshly-printed pictures of the newly-elected Pope Francis are displayed for customers at a souvenir shop at the Vatican. (Reuters)

A woman reads a newspaper showing the news of the election of Pope Francis in Rome. (AP)

Customers buy copies of the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano after bundles were delivered at a news agent's kiosk at the Vatican. (Reuters)

A crib figurine depicting Pope Francis is displayed in the workshop of crib figurines' artist Genny Di Virgilio, the day after he was elected in Naples. (AFP)

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