Chants of apocalypse — in the name of Lord

Come, dear sisters and brothers
Let’s rejoice on this anniversary
And celebrate our perversions

Let’s smother every new thought-shoot
Ideas are our biggest enemy
Heads carry that virus — off with them

Let’s kill
So our masters get legitimacy
Let no death pass without maximum impact

Let no silly ideal
Of any dumb religion
Come in the way of our metals

Let’s kill Americans, Indians, Indonesians
Let’s decimate Hindus, Muslims, Christians
If needed, let’s burn civilisation in the name of our god

Let no shred of reason or tendril of love
Block our lofty sojourn
Towards complete annihilation

Let’s go on and on and on
Until all sights, sounds, senses
Are reflections solely of our beliefs

Let us then rest
In the kingdom of our god
But keep weapons well-oiled — the enemy lies within

From Bombay to Benghazi, 26/11 to 9/11, religion to race, discourse by death is becoming the new medium of protest. On the 11th anniversary of September 11, it is disturbing to see how we are taking violence of the malevolent in stride. Unlike freedom fighters, whose inner spirit was guided by a sense of something larger than life, religion-based violence has little to do with ideals. It is the crude hijack of attention by vested interests willing to kill to make a political statement. This must end.

So must religion.

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