Inder and Jamshi will return after Shoaib and Sania’s wedding

“Both Inder and Jamshi have left for Hyderabad to attend Shoiab and Sania’s wedding, which has been brought forward. Oops! No one was supposed to have known that bit! Inder and Jamshi will be back next week.”

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  • Anonymous

    The Supreme Court had passed an order on 29/09/2009 to remove all illegal religious structures, encroaching Government Lands. The supreme court pursued the matter for 18 months; but on seeing that the government is not co-operating left it to the wisdom of the rulers. Even today, many illegal religious structures are built on road junctions, blocking the sight at turns ! The government supervisors turn blind eye & ultimately people suffer. Most of these religious shrines, are built at places accessible to commuters & the offerings collected are shared between the officials & the developers.


  • Anmol

    and they never came back! :’(


  • Abu Ahmed

    Thats very interesting. In India, for example, Indian Cricket hovers on or near the top position as most of the cricketers hail from the priveleged class. Only after the economic boom are we seeing more cricketers from lower and middle classes shining in the sport. In every sport lack of physical fitness due to malnutrition is a problem in India. If wrestlers, runners and other atheletes are fed veggies and Dal at the sports facilities, it is highly creditable that they are getting some medals even then for the country.