About Sutirtho Patranobis

Short, fat, nasty, nearing soft middle age. Pretentious and philistine. After 38 busy months as a lotus eater in Colombo, now in Beijing getting used to the haze that often drowns the day; and to the many Chinese who are willing to help someone struggling with Mandarin. Learnt to say subway instead of metro. Yet to pass the acid test of picking up a peanut with chopsticks.

Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh happily showed her marked finger to her Chinese hosts when they asked for it during her three-day visit here over the past weekend. [Read more]

Premier Li Keqiang was recently quoted as saying that the government will wage a war against pollution across China. [Read more]

About two hours before his performance in Beijing last Saturday, the first in Mainland China, jazz guitar guru John McLaughlin seemed reasonably happy and excited that he was finally playing in a country not wildly celebrated for its love for the free flow of music. [Read more]

China has couched them in somewhat diplomatic tones but Beijing’s statements have been sharp and critical of how Malaysia has handled the situation after the Beijing-bound flight MH370 went missing on March 8. [Read more]

The Chinese state media has reacted bitterly against what they called “double standards” of the western media in not describing last Saturday’s grisly knife attacks in Kunming as terrorism. [Read more]