About Sutirtho Patranobis

Short, fat, nasty, nearing soft middle age. Pretentious and philistine. After 38 busy months as a lotus eater in Colombo, now in Beijing getting used to the haze that often drowns the day; and to the many Chinese who are willing to help someone struggling with Mandarin. Learnt to say subway instead of metro. Yet to pass the acid test of picking up a peanut with chopsticks.

The live telecast timings of the World Cup football matches in China are awful. All matches begin after midnight and many will be shown between 3am and 6am; for starters, the inaugural Brazil-Croatia match begins at 4am on Friday. [Read more]

Last week, I asked a Chinese friend, in her early ‘30s, about the Tank Man, the unknown protester who stopped a row of armed tanks at the Tiananmen Square, hours after protesters had been brutally cleared from it. [Read more]

India watchers in China often like to mention NDA leader and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s visit to China in 2003 when talking about Sino-Indian relations and how the relations might shape up under the Narendra Modi-led government in New Delhi. [Read more]

India’s latest and probably the most serious effort to showcase its soft power in China began last week in Shanghai and Beijing. [Read more]

Frankly, a lot of people taking the train in China have the right to be a just a little nervous these days. Not surprising. Busy, unsuspecting train stations were the targets in three attacks by knife-wielding men and women since March 1 this year. [Read more]