It’s hard to fathom why Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasted one year in warning religious hotheads to behave or face music. That his government will not tolerate violence or bias against any community should have come much earlier at the time when efforts were on in the country, especially Uttar Pradesh, to raise communal temperatures by what he himself said, ‘uncalled for unfortunate comments.’ Read more

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There is a complete mismatch in what PM says and his party, the Bhartiya Janata Party, does. While his oratory is filled with messages of inclusiveness, unpalatable actions of the BJP and its associated wings cause unnecessary consternation amongst a section of the society thereby raising questions like, ‘Is there a hidden agenda?’. West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh are under their radar. Read more

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi”s Independence day speech has triggered a debate in the urban circles of the country on whether the country’s premier should speak on mundane issues like hygiene, toilets and mothers putting a check on their errant sons. The overwhelming majority has reacted with why not?
In fact, many feel that Narendra Modi should have shown the guts to even touch the most serious issue of country’s growing population which no political party has dared  to touch after the rejection of  Sanjay Gandhi forced sterilisation in the country.
And now when he is planning to address students on Teacher’s Day, the same critics are questioning his ‘inclusive’ step. Jawaharlal Nehru had many political enemies bu they found nothing unusual when he related with children so well. Take President APJ Abdul Kalam who has a huge fan following amongst students.
It’s not Narendra Modi’s fault that many of his predecessors did not interact with the students. And if he wants to address them, then why oppose it – only because he is from a rival political party. Some school principals are finding the four pm time as impractical and that’s understandable too. Perhaps the PMO should have thought of pre- lunch or the morning assembly timings that would have suited the schools better.
The fact is as long as the prime minister is pursuing inclusiveness, there is no reason to be critical of his each and every move. The students should not only know the name of the country’s prime ministers but should have heard them also. The students can play a crucial role in achieving hygiene while understanding their social responsibilities.
Perhaps not many know that by constructing toilets you not only save women from every day humiliation but also from sexual assaults and stave off diseases by maintaining hygiene levels.
To me it is immaterial whether we call September 5 as Teacher’s Day or Guru Utsav.
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I was simply shocked to hear the guests at a party becoming so contemptuous about the media. While some thought BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was a media creation, others were blaming newspapers for doing selective reporting. It’s all paid, someone even whispered. I found it quite unfair to put the entire media in the dock. Read more

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