Barbs Going Waste; People have decided whom to vote

I was simply shocked to hear the guests at a party becoming so contemptuous about the media. While some thought BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was a media creation, others were blaming newspapers for doing selective reporting. It’s all paid, someone even whispered. I found it quite unfair to put the entire media in the dock.

What more, they even accused the media of showing truncated versions of rallies, press conferences, primarily to divert public attention from the key issues.

If there was any unanimity, it was on how they had stopped watching news because the discussions were not only loud but also largely one-sided.

I can understand politicians like Ashutosh of AAP, who till the other day tirelessly defended the fourth estate only to find all ill in it’s after he became a politician. But why are people so fed up with the media for what goes on in the society? If the political dialogues are low, unethical, if the mindsets horribly wrong, how can media be blamed for that. My question is rather simple. Why at all do people follow morning pravachans of saffron-robed gurus, when many of them have no control over his tongue. How could anyone, in worst of circumstances, use the word honeymoon for someone’s political visits to Dalit homes? How could one be so insensitive to the dignity of women and make utterances like, ‘boys are boys’?  Still worse are the peals of laughter that follows barbs like ‘shehzada’, snoopgate or abandoned wife. Is that also driven by the media?

The fact is that politicians know that to hold public interest intact, there has to some melodrama, some dialogues full of anger and pain. As humour is something that is lacking in all of us, some silly remarks are made to entertain the crowds.

How sad, the issues that should decide the elections are so coolly brushed under the carpet. Needless to say it suits all politicians irrespective of their party affiliations.

As it is, this election is said to be not fought on real issues. As things stand today, people have, whatever is the political discourse and its level, made up their mind whom to vote. It’s Modi or anti-Modi.

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