How low can low be

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s atrocious statement on ‘boys will be boys…’ followed by his Mumbai representative Abu Asim Azmi’s definition of Islam and women rightly enraged the country. Their own kin had to come forward to undo the damage done by what was rightly construed as defence of rapists. But perhaps it was too late.

More and more women can be heard dismissing the Samajwadi Party as a political option. I somehow fail to understand why at all someone has to make such nasty statements. As far as I know an inarticulate Mulayam used wrong words to defend innocents who may get fabricated in false cases. To me, it’s not a question of losing or winning elections but of challenging the 49% women power in the country – much more than the community he wished to appease.

Not once, I have been saying it time and again, that the day the women of the country unite and realise their political strength, the politicians would not only grant them quota but also equality in the society. Sadly, women are still guided by their men folk and divided on caste lines. Some women, especially the younger ones, have started taking independent decisions – a silver lining in the dark clouds.

The fact remains that if you can’t stop sexual assaults on woman, then don’t even encourage them. Such utterances add to the woes and worries of women who as such don’t find themselves safe in several cities — one will have to admit that in Gujarat women do move around comfortably even if it’s midnight, with no one taking advantage of her or questioning why at this hour? Others look for motive in poor dressing styles or late nights.

Undoubtedly, the country is debating death sentence awarded to rapists for various reasons — not because there is any sympathy for them and certainly not because boys make mistakes-galti ho jaati hai. What about the girl and her dignity? Why should she pay for someone’s galti. The foremost concern behind the view that death sentence may not be the best option is the safety of victim’s life as the rapist can always kill her to erase the evidence.

I have always believed it’s the mind-set that the women of India have to combat and they themselves have to find that formula – if politicians are the icons people follow, then the answer lies in their complete boycott. Because no one knows how low can be the low.

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