When the right answer is only a slap!

Last week a flustered Nagma, cine star and Congress candidate from Meerut Lok Sabha constituency, slapped a guy while he was trying to get too close to her in an election rally, breaking the security ring that the bouncers had formed around her.

She looked hurt as well as angry as she said, “I will come here only if you treat me with dignity’ and that she is like ‘their daughter or sister who has come all the way from Mumbai to develop the area.’

Some actions followed in a huff. While Nagma blamed the district administration for lack of security, the police enhanced her security.

But some pertinent issues were overlooked. Who can be safe in the country when high profile Lok Sabha candidates are not and how some men tend to see women – as mere sex object?

May be Nagma should have been told that mind-set in patriarchal Meerut has not changed despite its geographical closeness to New Delhi.

One could endlessly debate the political wisdom of parties to field cinema stars, whose growth in Bollywood depends on their entertainment quotient or acting ability, but the fact remains they have every right to become a public representative and demand dignity like any other woman. Imagine the audacity of the hooligans, who despite strict laws against molestation and misbehaviour, publicly humiliate a candidate of the party in power at the Centre.

Perhaps these mischief-makers don’t remember the fate of SPS Rathore who had molested a 14-year-old student. A touch with bad intentions had landed the former DGP of Haryana in jail.

Nagma is not the only one who had to suffer this humiliation of being publicly touched with bad intentions.

Women politicians often complain of repulsive stares and disgusting comments from people, sometimes from their own leaders. Perhaps they are left with no other option but to resort to slapping to stop such physical insult.

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