Understanding Rahul Gandhi

I remember meeting Rahul Gandhi around mid- 2000 at a guest house in Amethi. It was a one-on-one informal sort of an interaction, which was not to be reported. After a one-hour long meeting, I came out wondering what Rahul Gandhi was actually running for – power or passion – as he had sounded less pragmatic and more philosophical.

I distinctly remember him telling me why media is so besotted with ‘Me’ and not the issues. He was referring to incidents of atrocities on lower castes. My standard reply was, ‘we have seen it all – the burning issues of atrocities and the silence of people in power – thus when you visit those areas, media covers it and indirectly the issue per se.’

Years back, after listening to his interview to a channel, I had the same feeling. Despite his fumble for answers, one has to concede the Gandhi scion is not power hungry and would be content with what he is doing at present. Some of my friends say Gandhis don’t need power as they are power themselves.

His first interview put the social media on fire – there were condemnations and commendations – of course the latter were in fewer numbers. Dispassionately, while he could drive home the point the ‘battle he was fighting within the aging party’ by introducing structural changes, the people wanted more on specifics—not what he wants to do like systematic changes and women empowerment- but how he plans to achieve them.

Who doesn’t know the young leaders, caged to the legacy that brings them to power, often fail or falter in their mission? He couldn’t reply questions on scams, on their alliance with leaders like Lalu Yadav or continuation of chief minister in Himachal Pradesh. In fact, he sounded helpless on several occasions over his own party’s structure that he endeavours to change.

Arming people with RTI and Lokpal- can UPA solely take claim when they are the products of public movements though they became a reality during the UPA regime?

However, what I found quite ironical was his focus on ‘Rahul Gandhi’ what he is and the circumstances he is in or was.

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