Darkness amidst the light!

A little girl working at a BSP MP’s house in Delhi was physically tortured to death. This screaming headline during the on-going festivities took away all the fun and fervour that started from Dhanteras. That was the day when all signs of inflation had virtually disappeared from the scene as shops, from high-end jewellery showrooms to street bazars, were thronged by excited buyers.

Nevertheless the festivities were still on, with all the fun associated with the festival of lights. Not that one did not come across children working as labourer in the markets that seem to be surviving and thriving on their support despite a ban by the government. Two sides of our world.

How can someone beat a domestic help to death amidst all these festivities? And that too a woman! BSP MP Dhananjay Singh has a shady past – he is one of the mafias that UP is infamous for. His wife had even tried her hand in politics when he was in jail. Imagine, the people who fold hands, touch feet of rich and poor alike for votes, torturing this young girl to death. Sometime back a bureaucrat had literally left her domestic help almost dead in her locked home. The poor kid was rescued by her kind neighbours.

It’s not only about child labour, but it is to do with physical humiliation and abuse of both young girls and boys. One of the NGOs working in Gorakhpur near Indo-Nepal border had once shared the trauma of Nepalese girls, who are lured into our country with promises of a decent life. The girls are paraded before the touts, who on the basis of their physical appearance decide their value – the best ones are sent to Sheikhs in Arabic countries, the average lot find their way to the brothels and the unattractive are sent to the hiring agencies for domestic work.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any government in this country. Maybe global reasons are behind inflation, maybe scams are becoming a part of the system, but why can’t government save young girls and boys from torture, exploitation and sale like commodities. There is a nexus here too, but I am sure the sympathisers for the touts would be outnumbered by the right-minded people whose hearts bleed for them. Mine does. Can we start a countrywide movement to stop child labour and their physical torture!

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