Apology please!

It’s scary! The growing sense of insecurity is palpable amongst all. We can’t afford blasts and riots when the common man on the street is struggling to manage two square meals a day. But who is listening!

The politicians are busy playing with emotions, stoking passions to fill their vote banks. What about us whose savings in the banks are depleting – everything is so damn expensive, from onion to gold.

The UPA-II must be smiling as inflation, scams have all been brushed under the carpet. It’s now Modi and minorities – or better still pro and anti Modi – the polity stands vertically divided into two sections.

Blasts at Narendra Modi’s Bihar rally is a forewarning of what is in store for us as a country. Though I don’t subscribe to Modi’s brand of politics, one has to appreciate the cool with which he handled the crowds – stampede would have left hundreds dead.

What I don’t understand is as to why no one in the Congress has the authority to put a break on Digvijaya Singh’s ridiculous blabbering? For once he should be told by someone that enough is enough, he must rise above RSS-phobia. Somewhere he has been hit hard by the saffron power in his own state of Madhya Pradesh!

Coming to Modi, at Bihar rally he gave a clarion call to the Muslims to join hands with their Hindu brothers to fight poverty – no one can ever dispute when he says, “we have one religion, which is the Constitution”.

But at the same time why is he so averse to apologising for the killings of both Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat if it helps in assuaging the sentiments of people. The same could be said about the Congress under whose regime the Sikhs were massacred or for that matter the Samajwadi Party for Muzaffarnagar riots.

After all, the issue is not whether he was personally involved in the riots or if they happened at his behest. What is more important perhaps is the fact that he was the chief minister of the state at the time people died in communal violence.

Shouldn’t he own the responsibility and apologise? Is his party not accusing Mulayam Singh Yadav and his chief minister son Akhilesh Yadav of fanning Muzaffarnagar riots for political gains? How-so-ever hard Akhilesh may try; he won’t be able to absolve himself completely from what happened in West UP!

Many hardliners argue that apology by Modi would be inferred as his admission to crime and that it would alienate his constituency of hardliners.

I think the young India, that he wants to lead, largely believes in One India. They would appreciate his gesture of apology if in it they see prospects of peace and progress.

Think about it, Mr Modi!

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