Chasing Saint’s Dreams On Gold Deposits

A saint had a dream about gold deposits and the ASI pitched in, about to start digging for a 19th century treasure of 1,000 tonnes of gold.

Sounds preposterous but that’s exactly what is happening in Unnao, barely 60 kms from Lucknow. And apparently as the orders have come from a Union minister, who somehow got convinced by the saint, the ASI is going ahead with the digging on coming 18th without undertaking preliminary studies.

Are we living in a technology era in which lives could be saved in Odissa because of accurate scientific forecast about cyclone, its fall landing, the timings, the speed, or we are still guided by our superstitious beliefs and sadhus?

What if it did not come true, will heads roll?
Now the dream! The sadhu Sobhan Sarkar, who has quite a following in the area, dreamt that Raja Ram Bux Singh who gave his life for the country fighting the

British in 1857, is telling him to take care of the gold buried in the remains of his fort in Daundiya Kheda village in Unnao. He shared his dream with one and all, including the Union Minister Charan Das Mahant who did not dismiss it as joke. Instead, he visited the village and this is how the ASI and Geological Survey of India got active.

The GSI mapped the area and the ASI will start digging soon. The district administration is busy making security arrangements while the sadhu has put a pre-condition on utilizing part of the recovered treasure to develop Buxar area.

The digging is going to start, one can easily presume, at an auspicious hour that the saint might have suggested. Sarkar is guiding ASI which is starting the excavations from the specific point that he had seen in his dream, one such point is beneath the statue of Nanaji Peshwa, another warrior king.

Well the suspense will be over in a matter of days. Excitement is building up in the area with people coming over from neighbouring villages.

However, the most significant would be the political ramifications in case gold deposits are found. Manmohan Singh will be back as Prime Minister of the country that turned richer under his regime!

And if it so happened Singh would yell from the top of the roof challenging Narendra Modi who every day questions his silence and inaction that he can also take the ‘ right decisions.’ Yes the union minister apparently got a go ahead from the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister when he took the matter to them.#

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