Babas and their millions!

Seeing Asaram in police custody reminded me of his innumerable visits to Lucknow and the tantrums he threw wherever he went. Once he wanted his stick to bypass the baggage x-ray, the next he wanted a special road temporarily built for him to the venue of his ‘pravachan’.

Somehow, I was never impressed by him, even though for the sake of a close colleague who was his big devotee, I gave him some coverage in the newspaper, especially the one-liners that he delivered for the school-going children. I wish I knew his mind then.

But there was something in the manner in which he danced, walked and talked which used to completely put me off. I often argued with that colleague of mine, “What does he think himself to be, he is not God.’

And my colleague would always say, ‘Meet him once; his blessings would make life easy for you. He has done some ‘siddhi’.”

However, I never got tempted to meet him as I always read viciousness on his face. I also felt that for someone who has supposedly attained salvation, pomp and show should matter the least while he revelled in that. But as crowds thronged the grounds where he delivered his sermons, I often wondered if I was alone in my dislike for him.

But today I stand convinced while I am sure my colleague is either shell-shocked or stands among those who are trying to tell themselves, more than others, the conspiracy theory behind the ‘entire drama’.

But my dislike for the self-styled godmen (he is not the only one) got into my head from the days when my mother used to warn me to stay indoors in the evenings or else the baba with a ‘big jhola’ would carry me away.

All of us, as kids, have read or have been told tales about ‘Baba with a big jhola who kidnapped children.’ But Asaram and his kind of Babas have proved to be worse than the imaginary ones – they should be punished for the crime they have committed, not only on the teenagers but on the psyche of young girls who would think twice in having faith on saints that this highly spiritual nation revers.

The counter-argument is why paint all with the same brush. But the question is: how to distinguish between the real and the fake babas? Only they themselves will have to identify and expose the black sheep among them or the empires that they have built from donations would start collapsing .

I was just wondering, can’t the government at least look into the millions amassed by these so called babas? A fit case for the Income Tax department which is often wasting time in chasing the salaried class.

The question here is which government? The Congress ministers would demand probe while they can order investigations. As for the main oppositiom, the Bhartiya Janata Party, they love the saffron so much that they get blind to acts of those who wear them.

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  • Iqbal Singh Toki

    I fully agree with Sunita Aron. The so-called Babas’ and self styled Godmen are playing havoc with the illiterate and poor populace under the patronage of clever politicians in order to get their votes. Way back in 1708, Guru Gobind Singh ordained the Sikhs to keep themselves away from any physical God and follow the life style as explained in Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Book wherein sermons are given in Ragas.
    Iqbal Singh Toki


  • madan lal gupta,Harianawala

    Find out the real Sadhus. Arya Samaj is now full of SUCH SADHUS and
    Parcharaks, they claim to be the son of God and Veda scholars. Nobody
    can match their lies. Rs. 50 Lakhs came from Mauritus, nobody knows
    where it went. A true sadhu can Contact the Propkari Sabha Ajmer and
    approach CBI to register a fraud case. These Arya Samajis visit abroad,
    fill bags of money and declare 99 cent at Delhi airport as cash. All
    Hindu leader should be stripped on return to India and the money should
    be used to make a hospital/ school. madan lal gupta, harianawala


  • Harry

    I know someone who’s followers have started addressing this Godman Babajee instead of Maharaj-jee. What do you say to that?


  • Pappu

    Don’t blame the opposition, the Congress has been in power for most years since independence , we do agree that Government should work against all, no favors….. but alas it will never happen, look at the conditions in the country


  • Next baba

    I think the net business in India is to become baba and th whole country is in your pocket


  • Kurt

    Ms. Aron, by writing this blog, you have just admitted that you are a journalist of doubtful integrity because you gave coverage to Asaram Bapu on the request of another journalist who is a devotee. God save us from both of these kinds of journalists in India.


  • Hindu

    Always remember the fall of the Rich Vedic Culture began with the fall of the Brahmin Community, Some of these peoples sons were first class Rogues, Thieves and Rascals , but they were accepted as Brahmins in society. Many still have charecter and are not money hungry. Sadhus should be pennyless and fully dependent on God, The people knew this and would offer them money , today they demand it.


  • ds

    ok, I’m not a fan of Asaram, or any other baba with big jhola’s either, I believe its sheer waste of money, the govt should make temples and religious institution pay heavy taxes and even go to the extent of banning the god men

    But, punishment to Asaram (or any other accused) ? is he proven guilty, doesn’t Indian constitution and law suggests that an accused is innocent till proven guilty. I see a dangerous trend of announcing the accused as guilty and trial by media, next we will see public execution and people taking law into their own hands.


  • Anonymous

    Awesome barbed thrust on the camouflaging BJP ! Literally, May it be Nityananda or Asaram, BJP always possessed soft corner for them.
    Though the counter-agreement is legitimate but I think why at all to believe in such Godmen who mint money and erect huge mansions and mausoleums by public money, may it be Asaram or even Ramdev for that matter. Yes, of course, if they achieve salvation they ought to alleviate themselves from this vicious circle of money and ostentation.


  • Anonymous

    Awesome barbed thrust on BJP! True that these camouflaging politicians of BJP have always possessed soft corner for these godmen donned in saffron may it be Swami Nithyananda or Asaram…! Though the counter argument is cent percent legitimate, but I think why at all to believe in such godmen instead of just one God, who mint huge sums of money and erect colossal mansions and buy luxurious sedans. Of course, if they claim to have achieved salvation than they should alleviate themselves from ostentation and worldly pleasures. Does it behove our ex revered godman Asaram to commute via BMW’s and Mercedes accompanied by fleet of other SUV’s to deliver the sermons of simplicity among the poor?