Uff! Yeh netas

On August 15, when the young generation across India was listening to lectures on the responsibility they have to shoulder to drive away the ills that have stayed on even after 66 years of Independence, two politicians were publicly fighting over unfurling the flag in Mussoorie in Uttarakhand.

They pushed each other, yelled at each other while the public condemned them for their outrageous behaviour. I don’t know if any one of them would have garnered more votes by hoisting the flag?

I also don’t know if they would have lost votes had they unfurled the flag together? One belonged to the Congress, the other to the Bhartiya Janata Party.

When these leaders can’t remain united, not even on the Independence Day, how will they keep this country united?

Ironically, this phenomenon will now be seen across the nation. I am no Narendra Modi fan, but even if he had challenged the Prime Minister to a debate on development on the Independence Day, why were the Congress leaders so miffed?

When the country can dissect the prime minister’s speech after he delivers it from the ramparts of the Red Fort, why can’t the opposition do that? Agreed that the BJP trains its leaders in oratorical skills. The PMmay lack it. But people debate the content and not the delivery.

I somehow feel the time has come for the so called claimants for the country’s premiership to agree on a public debate, like it is done in some countries, on some of the issues that concern the masses.

And this should be done on a larger platform. Let the people know their mind, their mission before casting their vote for a party.

Move a little further and you have people like UP minister Mohd Azam Khan who is upset with Mulayam Singh Yadav as he met VHP saints and leaders.

I don’t understand why Mulayam, who regularly meets maulanas, should not meet the saints! I am not going into the credentials of both the maulanas and the saints, as none of them are above board, and I am also not analysing Mulayam’s intentions or that of the VHP and BJP here. But this type of mindset is bad for the country.

The time has come for us look at the poverty levels of people than their caste and community. Only then would India remain one. They are dividing the hearts, how will the body, the country, remain in one piece!

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