Why discriminate dead!

The outpouring over Narendra Modi has deluged all other issues, it seems. If you look at Modi’s elevation dispassionately, it is just a development that is having a cascading effect in his own party.

I am referring to LK Advani’s resignation here. Incidentally, this is not the first time Advani has resigned, he had done so twice or thrice in the past.

But we went overboard covering the storm over the ‘generational shift’ in the BJP, which in any way was on the cards as its parent body RSS had done it way back in mid-2000. Even that had created ripples but had failed to catch the media attention.

As we discussed and dissected every aspect of Modi’s elevation, we somehow missed a few incidents that happened in Uttar Pradesh.

Remember the furore that the murder of Deputy Superintendent of Police Zia Ul Haq in Kunda had raised in the political quarters sending the Akhilesh government in a tizzy.

The beleaguered chief minister had taken some quick steps as media questioned Raghuraj Pratap Singh’s continuation in office following a complaint lodged by Haq’s young widow against him. Singh was told to resign, a CBI inquiry was ordered (which has yet to nail Singh) and the CM had flown to Deoria to console the bereaved family members next morning.

A few months back in yet another incident in Saharanpur criminals shot dead the gunner of a police official who himself had a narrow escape. The incident occurred when the cops tried to intercept a gang of criminals trying to flee in a car.

Another cop was killed in Bareilly when the team was returning to the police station after arresting a hardened criminal. None of the incidents drew the attention of the media as well as the state government. The chief minister did not react; the home department did not act. Their deaths went unnoticed as the country discussed politics and sheer politics.

Why? Is it because Saharanpur and Bareilly are not as infamous as Kunda that made the crime sensational? Is it because the cop killed in Kunda belonged to a minority community?

Why all those politicians and minority organisations that had demanded the government’s dismissal after Haq’s murder preferred silence now? Where is the BSP? Where is the BJP or the Congress?

Why this discrimination? Duty is duty and anyone dying anywhere in the state while on duty deserves the same compassion and compensation if not media attention. Or is it the media attention that stirs the government as well as the political parties into action? Why this discrimination even amongst the dead!

A social activist has petitioned the chief minister demanding the same compensation for the family members of the cops who died recently maintaining that the government cannot have any policy which differentiated martyrs on the basis of rank, caste or religion,’ and according to me also ‘ media hype.’

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