If only netas could play a Salman!

I briefly met Bollywood star Salman Khan here in Lucknow. Initially he looked quite shy, unlike his celluloid image. As the guests in a crowded hall cheered him, girls offering him red roses, he stood tight-lipped. I prodded him to say something, even narrate some dialogue of his new film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, for whose promotion he was visiting the city. But he stood quiet, disappointing me and many. I wondered as to how he could be so damn dumb that he could only render dialogues written by his directors!

However, he still stood out amongst others, simply because of the sentiments he had for the old and kids. “I avoid crowded receptions held for me as often children come with their grandparents. I don’t mind if teenagers get pushed and jostled but can’t stand same happening to small kids or old people.”

The man definitely has a golden heart. And again this was at display recently when he sent 2500 tankers to drought hit areas of Maharashtra. This reminded me of the disgusting comment powerful minister Ajit Pawar had made sometime back: ‘I can’t pee…’

I just wondered why we can’t have more Salman Khan’s in this country brimming with moneyed netas. A study has confirmed what is commonly believed that majority of our MPs are members of the millionaires’ club — to be precise 315 of the 543 Lok Sabha members and 100 out of 250 Rajya Sabha members are crorepatis. And when UP can boast of 271 crorepati legislators, more than 50% of the state assembly’s strength of 403, I am sure Maharashtra, with Mumbai as the country’s financial capital, will have a much larger number.

Why can’t our politicians play a Salman Khan? Why they always look at empty government coffers when it comes to providing relief and not at their overflowing personal funds? Tankers would cost the moneyed a few peanuts but it will get them loads of satisfaction.

Sharad Pawarji, are you listening.

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