Is there a myth attached to rape of babies?

I am at my wits end to understand why a man rapes a baby? Is it for sexual gratification? As I started browsing to find an answer, I laid my hands on a report published in The Telegraph which said, “The alleged rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote part of rural South Africa last week has focused the nation on an 80% rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with the country’s AIDS pandemic. Some of the victims were as young as six-months-old, a number of whom died from their injuries, while others contracted HIV. The largest increase in attacks has been against children under seven. A widespread myth is sweeping the country that having sex with children provides a cure for AIDS.”

That immediately alerted me, as in our country people can do anything to appease Gods—even take lives.

Perhaps it’s high time that the researchers find out the actual reason behind the growing highly disturbing trend, instead of ending with conclusions like a fallout of liquor, criminal bend of mind, social deprivation etc. There is a need to take some emergent steps before the innocence of kids gets killed forever. How unfortunate that mothers are not letting their babies out of their sight fearing someone is waiting in some corner to strike. I sometimes wonder how would kids, caged in the four walls of their home, which are also many a time unsafe, blossom.

What are our various so called religious preachers doing? Can’t they instil fear in the minds of people. Every day they come up with dos and don’ts to appease God, but surely nothing can please Him more than our caring for children. Shouldn’t they start telling people that they can’t escape punishment under the law of nature that the God defines?

It’s high time we expose the culprits – let us hang them if we don’t want people to kill them as that day is not far when the youth of the country, angry as they are, will take things in their hand. Are we ready to let things come to such a pass?

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