Mr Modi, India lives in its villages!

An English magazine has aptly described both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi as ‘Corporate Leaders.’

As Modi hopped from one session to the other organised by India Inc (with Rahul making one appearance), I was really wondering who will decide the fate of their respective political party in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Certainly not the few attending the five-star meets or those beaming them to the national channels or their audiences, dissecting it to the core at dinner meets – how Rahul had no solutions and how Modi came up with plans for all our problems.

How and why should we debate Modi getting invites from various countries or even denial of visa to him? Why is it that no one is talking about UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav getting an invite from Harvard to share the successful organisation of the world’s biggest religious congregation Kumbh on the banks of the Ganga. Or for that matter why no one is talking about Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, whose state has achieved highest growth rate.

It’s all to do with how one markets one skills, which also includes political leadership. Till the Gujarat victory, Modi remained glued to his state, but post victory he is all over the country, hogging the limelight with many advising him to avoid overexposure. The fact is that India lives in villages and they are the ones who will again decide who will be the country’s prime minister.

If Modi and his party want him to be the prime minister then he should be addressing rural meets. Same stands true for Rahul.

It’s high time they head to rural India where farmers are dying of poverty, where people are living without water and electricity, where students are holding on to their dreams believing India will one day have a prime minister who will come to them before going to the corporates.

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