How Maya would have handled Kunda?

What’s going on in the country? A cop gets killed in Kunda, cops bash up a woman in Punjab even as a tiny girl gets raped in Delhi. The law and order situation has nose-dived and some states, including Uttar Pradesh, are notoriously in the lead.

That reminds me of the old saying: “What you sow is what you reap.” It was not without reason that the media had, on the day of the oath-taking ceremony, criticised the induction of Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya in the Akhilesh cabinet. He was already facing two CBI probes and will be facing one more now. But Raja Bhaiya is not known for fearing jail terms and facing CBI investigations.

A highly-obliged Mulayam, whom Raja Bhaiya had helped form the government in 2003, ignored his blood-curdling track-record while appointing him minister in his son’s maiden cabinet. That his terror transcends Kunda boundaries was quite palpable in the Vidhan Sabha with even the Opposition refraining from making direct attacks on him.

But then it’s not Raja Bhaiya alone. Many others of his ilk have been rewarded with ministerial berths for bringing the Samajwadi Party to power. The fact is winning the elections and running the government are like two ends of a see-saw, which rarely balances on the central fulcrum. The casualty, as always is governance and the image of the government.

Mayawati who ruled the state five years since 2012 somehow established herself as an administrator. From her style of functioning as CM I have been thinking as to what would have she done that Akhilesh failed to do.

He has taken Raja’s resignation, he has ordered a CBI probe and he has also met the bereaved family members with cheques of Rs. 50 lakh as against their demand for a crore with a commitment to fulfil their eight-point charter of demands. Still there are many who feel Maya would have acted firmly.

Perhaps yes. One she would have sacked the minister instead of accepting his resignation. Second she would have got him arrested before handing over the investigations to the CBI.

But she would not have visited Deoria to meet the family members as Akhilesh did despite the security concerns of the administration. As we are told many BSP workers had penetrated into the crowds and raised the tempers in a narrow lane where the family lived in Deoria. Mobs rarely act on reasoning.

She would not have thought of dividing the compensation amount between the parents and wife of the slain cop. A senior officer told me this was done to ensure that the cop’s old parents also got some compensation. In the officer’s words, ‘ Often parents are left with family album while others move on in their lives.’

I really don’t know if the dispute should be over handling of the incident or expunging criminals from the political system. Raja symbolized Goonda Raj, he may or may not go to jail but if there can be a lasting solution, then it is checking the entry of criminals into the political system and for this all political parties will have to come on board and accept the recommendation of the Election Commission.

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