Choose development to deaths

The other day listening to a debate on the burning topic of Rahul versus Modi, I was aghast to hear a senior Muslim leader’s comment, “If I have to choose between development and deaths in elections, I will vote for the latter.”

He was referring to his vote against Modi because of Godhra killings. Perhaps the provocation was the comment, “Why can’t we move beyond 2002, 1992 and 1984.”

I know it’s hard to forget the gruesome killings and equally harder to forgive the killers for the victims of 1984 Sikh riots, 1992 post demolition riots, 2002 Sabarmati Express carnage and the subsequent Godhra riots.

But why live with that? One can certainly move forward while demanding justice and not mere apology.

Why should we be so fixed about Modi not apologising or not sounding remorseful? How can apology balm the wounds? Only justice can, that is punishment to the culprits.

Recently when Maulana Mahmood Madani, general secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, issued a statement that there is a perceptible change in the Muslims’ attitude towards Modi, hell broke loose.

Clerics were angry as they felt Madani was either doing politics or playing into the hands of the politicians.

My contention is why keep on harping anti-Modi sentiments and for what? Instead why can’t the community and their clerics demand more jobs, more educational facilities to grow in their lives?

Agreed, the Muslim leaders are called for debates but it is up to them to drive home the point that the Muslims of today want to move forward and not remain stuck in their painful memories of the past.

The clock can’t be stopped because they don’t want to choose development to deaths.

Perhaps there is a lesson for all of us to learn from the hard working and equally religious Sikhs who after 1984 riots not only rebuilt their personal lives but also helped others in their community.

Does this mean their pain was less or they had forgiven the powerful culprits? No, they continue to fight for justice while marching forward in their lives.

Let’s come out of our ghettos and be an Indian first, then a Hindu or a Muslim.

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  • Abu Ahmed

    He is gone now – out of 3 doctors attending on him, 2 are Muslim who are treating him since long. That goes to prove that his communalism was pure business – electoral business – nothing more than that. He allowed Shiv sainiks to kill Muslims, injure, rape and dishonor them in order to have their votes. Killing for winning elections is the most heinous crime – anyway nobody could dare punish him in life – may be the Lord above would take care of that.


    rohan Reply:

    may d lord also take care of jehadi bombers n mujhaaedin who took away many innocent lives


    Mitra Reply:

    We are not talking about jehadi bombers now – we are talking about the Hindu Taliban like Thackerey – he is the one he died and left the world a much better place- wish he took all the thugs of his party with him to hell.


  • christina christine

    our wishes for hum for ever.. Rip sir… very very sad news.. Big loss for hindu


    Disqus Reply:

    RIP applies only to humans not tigers so RIZ (Rest In Zoo)


  • just curious

    Dear Ms Anandan,

    I am from Bombay, but currently live far from the place.Please write more often about local politics and also that of Maharashtra.Thanks.


  • Uma

    What a stupid argument! If someone kills your family member but gives you a car to make up for it. would you just go,” eh, I can atleast go to the funeral by car” and get over the murder?


    Uma Reply:

    Any other developed country would have termed him as “human rights criminal”. Only in India, he is able to progress politically so much and i am appalled at people like you who choose to forget mass killings just because he is a Hindu.


    kanishka Reply:

    If this is your standard, history is replete with mass and MAHAMASS murderers and many are alive in India.

    in 1984, more than 30,000 Sikhs were burnt or chopped to death byKhangracy goonda in just 3 days, most of them in the capital India.

    During 2002 Gujarat communal riots, around 1350 people got killed and it was unfortunate. Out of 1350, almost 850 were Muslims and 500 were Hindus.

    In 1984 Sikh genocide after the murder of Indera Gandhi, not even one NON-SIKH was killed.

    Khangrace ruled with 2/3 majority in 1984 under Rajiv who said when a big tree falls, earth shakes.

    Who is your hero? Khangrace or across the border enemy of the nation?


    New yorker Reply:

    One wrong does not give other right to commit another wrong.

    Then every rapist in the country will say, so what if i committed the crime xyz also committed the same crime.
    The sikh riots and the 2002 riots both are wrong and all those responsible should be punished.
    If one is not punished that does not mean the other should be spared.

    kanishka Reply:

    Those who talk about 2002 Gujarat riots, keep mum about 1984 GENOCIDE which was more dangerous and one-sided against Sikhs in which not a single non-Sikh got killed.

    Remember, 1984 genocide perpetrator are yet to be punished. There was no SIT for 1984 genocide.

    New yorker Reply:

    so does that mean that the law keeps quiet on Gujarat 2002 just because justice was not delivered in 1984???

    Do we need to commit the same mistake as 1984???

    the judiciary has improved from 1984 and we should be happy about that.

    Anonymous Reply:

    Please spare thoughts for Hindus killed by muslims in pakistan. The 25% got reduced to 2% due to killing, forced conversion, forced migration to India. Get them justice first.


    kanishka Reply:

    Islam permits blood money to the victims family and the murderer can go scot free.


  • unknown

    How stupid country still is .. I am reading the comments. Writer is clearly saying keep demanding the justice, but keep taking life forward and not get stuck. If muslims decide not to ask for schools, education, better systems for their community from leaders and just keep harping on justice for 10’s of years, who is to lose? Finally verdict is to be given by the court so why lose all these years without any development?


  • Pardeep Kumar

    shall we than also demand apology from all the invaders inlcuding Britishers?
    remember power is never given it is taken and to take some one has to take bold steps.
    every muslim or converted muslim (Christians) in India should meet the same fate like these people!





  • New yorker

    First of all i do not understand whats all this talk about great development and governance by modi.
    Great development & governance is when lives of the most neglected and poorest/lowest members of the society is improved the most. In modi’s case it is the opposite the lives of the richest has improved, which it always does.

    Poverty has not reduced in Gujarat the tribal the poor, still continue to suffer, so whats the big deal has he done.
    Secondly doesn’t good governance also mean that riots are controlled and if they do happen rehabilitation takes place, in Gujarat the courts had to Oder the Guj govt in 2012, almost 10 years later to rehabilitate the victims.
    There is no new idea like amul from modi, does make roads in posh areas and giving land for cheap to big corporate mean developement???

    All he has done is shout out loud that i am the best and he has done it so many time that people without any knowledge have started to believe him.

    god bless india


    Anonymous Reply:

    Too much of leftist cr@p…


  • Praveen Saxena

    If certain Muslims want to remain stuck with 2002 and not move forward then they should not complain if some n Hindus continue to talk of Mohammad Ghori and Mahmud Gazni.