Youth demand logical answers and actions

Young India is rising. The tell-tale signs are there for all to see. And facing the heat, perhaps for the first time, are the politicians, who have blissfully remained oblivious of this fact that this young India has a voice — wanting to be heard, wanting answers that are logical and do not smack of politics.

It is this restless young India which had been watching the way the country and its systems functioned and has now taken to the streets. They were first drawn to the streets on the issue of corruption and the Gandhi (read sincerity) that they saw in Anna Hazare. And now they have decided to fight for their own right to security and dignity.

Nine days after the gangrape in Delhi, the government has swung into action, suspending the lax cops. Also, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has finally broken his silence on the issue; UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi have met the protestors; Lt Governor of Delhi Tejinder Khanna has cancelled his visit abroad to be in Delhi, burning despite the December chill.

What I found ridiculous was the explanation given by the people in power, ‘I also have daughters’: as if they ever travelled in a public transport. It’s hard for the people who live under heavy security to understand the humiliation the girls of all age groups face while travelling by bus or any other public transport. It happened three decades back when I was studying in Delhi University and it is happening today. Nothing has changed though we all claim that India has progressed. The mindsets, the security and the system have only worsened.

I heard the police commissioner blaming the media for the growing protests on the streets of Lucknow, little knowing that the youth today is connected to the world around– the cyberspace was jammed before the Delhi roads got choked. And majority of the kids who thronged India Gate did not belong to any political party.

Today all of us are standing at the crossroads. There is anger, there is aggression and there are arguments, some of which could be amateurish. The people in power, whether in politics or bureaucracy, will have to first understand the cause behind the protests and provocations. Lathi-charge, water cannons and suppression of their voice would only make them belligerent.

It’s high time the politicians understood the sentiments and stopped playing with their innocence.

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