Aam Aadmi Party and Regionalisation of Congress

We, the common people, must ponder over a stimulating development and two thought provoking comments of the last week.

Let’s read the comments first. UPA Minister Manish Tiwari while commenting on Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party famously said, “There are 1300 odd political parties in the country, there is one more.”

The comment I felt infuriating for a minute. But it could turn true too if the common man, who is angry with all political parties, did not support the new aam aadmi party(AAP). The same spirit that was seen at all the Anna’s shows of strengths– the flags that were waived when Anna roared against corruption inviting the common man to denounce the corrupt politicians — will be needed in the electoral arena to keep AAP alive in years to come.Or else even in the past such parties with positive programmes have been formed and have withered away.

We still don’t know how much the Kejriwal group is prepared for elections? We don’t know whether they will cut through the caste and communal angle to elections? We don’t know whether their candidates will succeed in pipping the money and the muscle power. We still don’t know whether their online community will be able to reach the rural India? We don’t know if they actually understand the politics of dehat? I have my doubts.

Despite the hawk eyes of the election commission, freebies are distributed by the candidates and by governments in advance. How else one can we explain some recent decisions of the UPA government? We don’t know when the general election will be held, but many believe they could be pre-poned to 2013. The Congress is in a poll mode. Suddenly the government seems active bringing out schemes for the poor people. For instance, take the step to credit cash into the back accounts of the beneficiaries in around 20 central schemes. I wonder why the government don’t introduce such schemes in their second or third year in office so that by the end of their five-year people can judge their efficacy.

The aam admi ( common man) has to awake and see through the games political parties play. Now the second comment, which was heard at Hindustan Times Summit where Punjab’s young deputy chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Badal described Congress as a regional party. I can’t agree more with him as the national party’s popular base is by and large restricted to smaller states.

Apparently, the Congress realises the strength of the regional parties. In Gujarat they are projecting Gujarat Congress and not the All India Congress. May be the Congress leaders feel that way the people would identify with the party more. Dilli to bahut door hai!

The Gandhi charisma has not helped them much in elections. It is seemingly on the wane until and unless they take some major decisions to improve that. Now that Rahul is going to drive the elections and not be just the face of the party, let’s hope the party revives. The other national party BJP is bogged down in internal differences.

AAP will take time to emerge as a political force to reckon with. Will that ever happen. I am sceptical. What about you?

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